“The King of Hades wants people to die three times, and Ye Shen brings people back to life!”

——Ye Qianli, the genius doctor of the century, fights against the king of Yama with a silver needle, fights death, never misses a hundred battles.

In the past, she became a dynasty lady, but it was a pity that her father didn’t care for her mother or love, and was poisoned and framed by her cousin. He wanted to destroy her goddess body and take her man to steal her money?

Fuck off!

The genius doctor possessed his body, and the fierce god crowed.

Cultivating magical techniques and pill, step on the white lotus and slap your face angrily, let you know what is the proud girl of heaven! Natural treasures are produced by themselves, and you can pick them up wherever you go, which is to make people envy and hate.

But the toxin was too fierce, and she “offended” a cold and beautiful man in a hurry. It is said that he was the main god of the dynasty and the male god of the school. If you catch her, you will die and you will die. How can this be done?

Lian Yue’s new romantic fantasy novel, composes a one-on-one super cool drama, and takes you to a beautiful boy! Scum, so I can see nosebleeds, hahaha…

◆◆Five-star pit product, never die after jumping into the pit, collect Changhong! The update will burst.

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