“If you dare to run away, I will ruin you!”

“If you don’t run away or run away, I’m good!”

Bo Yucheng’s eyes were deep, staring at the fairy who had tried to sneak away, and immediately got two marriage certificates, “Now, if you dare to escape illegally, I will use legal means to catch you back.”

The girl nodded with a peck of rice, and the boy became addicted to his wife since then.

However, there are rumors in the world that Mrs. Bo is stupid, stupid, humble, and ugly, and is not worthy of the favor of Bo.

As a result, one billion fans around the world were upset, “Who dares to beep our goddess?”

The world-class medical academy jumped, “Who is blind and looks down on our heir?”

Even the top wealthy Shi Dashao was furious, “I heard someone dare to look down on our Shi family’s daughter?”

Everyone questioned their faces, looking in shock at the noble girl who had been promoted to the altar in various fields.

Master Bo immediately returned his wife to his arms, his lips twitched lightly, “Who dares to provoke my wife again… forget it.”

[Sven scum and paranoid big man VS Su Shuang queen of beauty and trouble]

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