Harem of the final villain in an ERO MMO!!! I just need to survive

Harem of the final villain in an ERO MMO!!! I just need to survive

207 Chapters Ongoing Status


One day, Keith woke up in the middle of the night, only to find himself in the company of a completely naked slave he now owns. It also leads to the discovery that he is now the scum villain in an MMORPG he had played a long time ago where the scum villain gets killed by the main character once he reached adulthood.

So the only way to prevent this? To make sure he remains out of the game's content while not affecting the story.

But that's hard to do when the scum villain is connected to everything that happened and is the major contributor to what happened.

What's more? Keith is a normal human who has no golden finger the 'real' master had in the game. All he has is his knowledge of this world and a history of acting.

Will it be enough to make sure Keith lives past his death scene? Watch as Keith tried to stay alive, avoid being found out as a fraud master, and gain a harem all on his own. And maybe, also discover the secrets of why he was brought into this world in the first place.

And, what other secrets does this MMO hold for him? And why does all kind of weird situations keep happening to him? How did he end up with a Harem when all he wanted was to protect his identity?

What's that? He's being hailed as a master?

Watch him and his Loli demon cat goddess (also his jailer) try and survive in this new world

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