Great Voyage: The Phantom Beast Ant King Meruem's Form

Great Voyage: The Phantom Beast Ant King Meruem's Form


114 Chapters Ongoing Status


Morin traveled to the world of pirates, and at the beginning he ate the form of Meruem, the phantom beast ant king.

Constantly devouring animal flesh and blood, Morin's body continues to become stronger, comparable to the body of BIGMOM's steel balloon, and he has also awakened three-color domineering.

Use the ability of feeding and mating to create chimera ants, and even the enemies you kill can be forcibly transformed into chimera ants.

Everyone who is transformed can be enhanced in all aspects. Starting from the golden lion, the entire sea falls into madness.

Blackbeard: The Phantom Beast Meruem Fruit is the most powerful Devil Fruit.

Whitebeard: Maureen is the strongest man in the world!

Kaido: Morin’s chimera ant army is the strongest, and my animal army is my younger brother.

Five Old Stars: As long as Morin's chimera ant army doesn't attack Mary Joa, even if he kills the Celestial Dragons, don't move.

Im: This era is called Morin!


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