God Pet Has Opened Up For Me Again

God Pet Has Opened Up For Me Again


864 Chapters Completed Status


The No. 1 God in the Eight Desolations of Eternity!

Going back to the three-layer world, the most peak law!


Three years ago, three creatures fell from the sky. King Qin of Xiling won one of them and swept the six kingdoms to unify Xiling.

The Southern Wilderness Zhou Wuzhao won one of the nine religions in the Southern Wilderness, ranking first.

Sun Changming also got one of them. Three years have passed and nothing has changed.

However, he soon discovered that the little loach that he picked up three years ago turned out to be the biggest plug-in in the world.

And all the way to open and hang, never brake!


The title I wanted to use: My Second Child is a Giant.

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