Genshin Impact: A big investor, starting to invest in Qianzhiwu

Genshin Impact: A big investor, starting to invest in Qianzhiwu


54 Chapters Ongoing Status


Qianfan, who traveled to the continent of Teyvat, founded Qianfan Newspaper Industry, which was popular throughout Teyvat, and obtained a simple and crude investment system three years later.

The system gave him one hundred trillion mola, and every time he invested in a specific Teyvat character, he could get a certain reward.

Qianfan's extremely brilliant life has only one very boring thing left: spending money, spending money, spending money.

Investing millions of molas in Qianzhi, Qianzhi opened a Qianzhiwu branch in Liyue.

Qianzhi: "Don't think that just because you have a few dirty dollars, you can do whatever you want to me."

Investing in Shengshengtang, Hutao launched Shengshengtang’s various package services.

Hu Tao: "The day Qianfan dies, I will definitely give him a grand funeral with a coffin drawn in nine dragons!"

With the investment in Wanmin Tang in Xiangling, the bustling street of Liyue Port has been transformed into a bathing buffet street.

Invested in Inazuma's dessert shop, showed off Fontaine's layered cakes, and canceled the national lockdown.

Qianfan: "These days are really boring. Does anyone else need my sponsorship???"


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