Game Production: Players Want to Kill Me

Game Production: Players Want to Kill Me


212 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Game Production: Players Want to Kill Me

Zhao Chen traveled to Blue Star, a culture similar to Earth's, and obtained a game production system. As long as the player's emotional value increased, he could continuously upgrade his system and produce better games.Dragon Kingdom Game Winter?It's okay, Zhao Chen started with "Knowledge is Power".Anchor Su Qingwei: "Word game? Haha, what's so fun about this game?" After a while: "Holy shit! I was ridiculed for being illiterate?" Then, Zhao Chen released a series of torturing games, " "Cat Leo", "i wanna", "Dig to Survive", countless players were tortured to the point of howling."What the hell, auntie, is this a game played by humans?" "Zhao Chen, thief, can you clear the level first and let me see?" Unknowingly, Zhao Chen had accumulated enough emotion points, and it happened that a foreign game producer was mocking the Dragon Kingdom for not doing well. Game, Zhao Chen directly released a game called "Dark Soul"!The journey of a legendary game producer begins here!


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