Evolve infinitely from scratch

Evolve infinitely from scratch


186 Chapters Ongoing Status


[In infancy, he kicked his legs a total of 10,000 times]
[Acquire attributes: use it or lose it]
[As long as you continue to exercise the same body part, that part can evolve infinitely, but it cannot break the limits of carbon-based organisms]
[Reading a total of 100 million words during the student period]
[Attribute obtained: Wisdom root of heaven and man]
[Photographic memory, learning ability reaches the peak of human beings]
[Adult stage, equaling the limit of one hundred carbon-based organisms in total]
[Acquire attributes: multiple forms]
[The body is no longer limited by the flesh and blood of carbon-based organisms, and can evolve across life forms]
Lin Zichen, who traveled through time, discovered that he had an achievement-oriented cheat as soon as he was born.
In this life, he just wants to evolve quietly, constantly break the limits of living things, and enjoy the pleasure brought by the upgrade process.

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