Everyone Pampers the Small Blessing Who Has a Spatial Pocket!

Everyone Pampers the Small Blessing Who Has a Spatial Pocket!


784 Chapters Ongoing Status


In order to seize the opportunity, the four-year-old Ayu was thrown into the deep mountain after the blizzard.

Fortunately, kindhearted people took it in.

The Wang family is so poor, sick, disabled, and indebted, but from top to bottom, they dote on her like a jewel.

Everyone said that the Wang family picked up a money-losing item, and sooner or later they would finish the game together!

Unexpectedly, this group pet doll is really a small blessing.

Xiao Ayu took out his small pocket and smiled sweetly: Portable Space, Super Spiritual Spring, Spirit-Testing Treasure Mouse, Ayu has everything you want!

There is revenge for revenge, there is revenge for kindness.

This blessing is incredible. He is not only a small farmer, but also a small business expert. He can also open an academy, open a sea trade, and establish a noble kindergarten. He has earned the favor of all the staff!

Watch the group Chong Fubao turn around and take the family to the pinnacle of life!

The time-travel girl and the villains were dumbfounded: it turned out that they were the ones who missed the golden finger!

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