Eternal Villain: I can enslave Reality!

Eternal Villain: I can enslave Reality!

255 Chapters Ongoing Status


Transgressing into a new world, Xu Shan found himself in possession of a mysterious book that granted him the ability to manipulate reality at an equivalent price.

However, he soon realizes the world he now inhabited was far from simple, especially since the body he transgressed into belonged to the Third Prince of the strongest dynasty, who had been born with a Demonic Heart.

Afflicted with the unique ability that made him incapable of growing stronger other than by devouring the strength of others, he understood that his path was destined to be filled with bloodshed, manipulations, and schemes.

There was only one thought in his mind... to survive by becoming stronger in a world where strength reigned supreme, even if it meant plundering the Heaven itself!

Witness what happens when a human crosses the line and sets foot on the path of trying to control reality itself, ultimately becoming a villain so despised that the very heavens craved to erase him from existence...

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