Entertainment: The King of Tearjerkers

Entertainment: The King of Tearjerkers


198 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Entertainment: The King of Tearjerkers

My father is the most powerful comedy director, my mother is the screenwriter of the Spring Festival Gala sketches, my grandfather is the founder of nonsensical comedy, and my uncle is the big boss of the Crosstalk Fuyun Club!

Traveling through such an environment, Zhao Changhuan should have been content and engaged in comedy, but luck has tricked people, and instead he got a sadistic system!!Life can be extended by abuse!

Well, since I can't resist, I can only use the name of this comedy prince to let audiences around the world enjoy the charm of tragedy!

Movies such as "I'm Not the God of Medicine", "The Gift of Room No. 7" and "The Story of Hachiko" made the audience cry until they collapsed!

TV series such as "My Ugly Girl", "Bright Sword" and "Warm Spring" made the audience cry until their hearts broke!

Not to mention "Father", "Unknown Flower", "Alive" and "Lelouch of the Rebellion"

In the entertainment industry, there is no cruelty, only more cruelty!

"My new movie "Legend of Sword and Fairy III" promises no abuse. Look how cute Maomao is!"


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