Double navigation: no comparison, no harm

Double navigation: no comparison, no harm


312 Chapters Ongoing Status


“I’ve become a navy inspector. Are you telling me that there is a system?”

The strongest contrast system.

If the comparison is successful, there will be generous rewards!

Ren: Oops! The plan to seize the Holy Land and seize the King of the World is about to be exposed!

A top-notch war without Ren, public execution of Fire Fist Ace!

There is a war on top of Rennes and the public execution of the four emperors!

Ren’s Voyage: The Three Marine Admirals, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo!

The original voyage: Pirate Luffy, Undead Ace, Revolutionary Army Sabo!

Wren’s Voyage: The five old stars are polite to the navy and are tied to the bride!

The original voyage: Wulaoxing: The navy marshal is nothing…

Garp: “Damn it, why is there no Ren in our world! Luffy and the others deserve a bright future!”

Warring States: “Wren is the greatest naval inspector in history!”

Kaido’s mother: “Mad, it turns out that in a world without Ren, how could we live so freely?!”

Original Sailor Navy: “We strongly appeal to Sengoku to retire! The whole world is looking for Renn and let Renn be the marshal!”

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