Digitalization of the World

Digitalization of the World


1238 Chapters Ongoing Status


The world is suddenly digitized and has become a huge game field.

God? magic? Or is it an alien?

No matter who caused all this, Blue Star’s original order has begun to collapse.

Sales: I’m a sharp-skinned one, I want to change my job as a magician.

Blacksmith: Hey, I changed my job automatically, but why is it still a blacksmith?

Boxer: Haha, I am a natural fighter.

A certain netizen: I also changed my job automatically, but why am I the keyboard man? Do I have to use the keyboard to knock people?

Farmer: Animal trainer? Not bad! Not bad!

Death during the national war and sudden rebirth brought Wang Xian back to the year before the start of Blue Star’s digitalization.

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