Crow's Paradise

Crow's Paradise


300 Chapters Completed Status


A suspected radiation disaster leads to the destruction of the world, and things in the game appear in the distant future world.
Spirit becomes substance, spirit distorts matter.
The new human "containers" control and contain the "thought bodies" of the spiritual residue of ancient humans that caused pollution.
Yao Yan, who was sleeping, woke up as a missing person, only to find that he could still log in to the game.
Get power from the game and discover the truth behind the collapse of the world in a world rebuilt in the wasteland.
The organ city made of iron and wood became the ladder for Yanren.
The marvelous city of steel and steam has turned into a paradise of killing.
The city-state of wise men built with white boulders has fallen into decay.
The frosty white angel in the extremely cold land inflicts cold destruction.
The underwater city has also become an abyss where monsters gather.
The city of the sun surrounded by flying dragons brings a disaster like purgatory.
And as part of the rumor, the crows are his power.
What has happened to this world in these years.
ps: Involving foundation-like elements, myth and legend elements, game systems, and story copy flow

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