Comrade, Your Ingredients Are Too Complicated

Comrade, Your Ingredients Are Too Complicated


476 Chapters Ongoing Status


If you are rich, you are Rheinmetall, if you are poor, you are Laiyang Steel Pipe. Who says our industry is not good? Huanghe was the first to object!

Rubber tycoon Li Yunlong, a seven-step second-gunner who exploded the bridge, and an expert in Kong Jie’s winter attack.

Infrastructure is ambition!

152mm large caliber, spraying tiger, leopard and rat at the top and fighting at 95 seconds at the bottom!

The loader used up his last bit of strength to pull out the shells. I, the AA man, didn’t have to go around to blow up everything!

Huang He, who owns the core technology of Minkes Shipyard, said, “My ingredients are too complicated, so don’t make random guesses.”

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