Comprehensive Comics: Starting With The Tragic Miko Kikyo

Comprehensive Comics: Starting With The Tragic Miko Kikyo


180 Chapters Ongoing Status


After traveling through time, he also became a reincarnator.

What excites Lin Che is that almost all mission copies are from the anime world that he is familiar with.

And the other reincarnations don’t know the plot?

Great, here comes the advantage!

The novice mission in the initial world is actually the "Miko of Misfortune" Kikyo. Isn't this the heroine in Inuyasha?


Can you take items out of the dungeon world by completing hidden tasks?

So, when other reincarnations joined the bandit leader Ghost Spider's camp, Lin Che, who transformed into a villager in Maple Village, quietly took Platycodon away.

The miko Platycodon accompanies her.

Lin Che's world journey begins.

Gui Yanye, Qi Qi, and a certain arrogant blonde with twin tails, Qiuyue Aili!

its not right.

Why are there so many strange missions in the world?

Yukinoshita Yukino, Sage Megumi...Eiri Riri too?

Why can some girls turn into reincarnations?

There seem to be more and more people on this fantastic trip. Is it really okay?


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