Code Farmer Comprehension

Code Farmer Comprehension


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Zhang Deming has traversed, but why do other people traverse with their own system cheats, various lucky draws, bonus points, and experience from killing people.

Why is it just a code editing tool when I come to him, and everything has to be coded out by myself?

When he activated his golden finger, he saw the familiar code: if () {Cloud and Rain Technique cast successfully} else{Cast failed}

Zhang Deming breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, as a senior programmer who died on the overtime desk, Zhang Deming said that if you give me an editing tool, I can code a world.

No system? It doesn’t matter, he will knock it out, he wants to wholesale the system and be the man behind the system.

ps: This article is a semi-hard sci-fi sci-fi article with a sci-fi core in the skin of fairy tale fantasy.

There will be a lot of professional basic knowledge of programmers, if you can’t understand the relevant professional language.

Please move to the relevant work for help, or ask Du Niang, Google, or you can work hard to learn software engineering from now on.

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