Clan Cultivation: Starting with Liver Experience

Clan Cultivation: Starting with Liver Experience


620 Chapters Ongoing Status


After waking up, Lu Ya traveled through the world of immortal cultivators and became a talented descendant of a small family of immortal cultivators.
There are demons and monsters in the outside world, and the world is in chaos. Fortunately, the family is still safe inside.
Although the family is smaller, poorer and poorer in life, fortunately the clan members are united.
Lu Ya felt that it would be good to just farm and practice magic in the family, and to be honest and gain experience.
It was not until later that I practiced and practiced, and magical powers such as calling the wind and rain, controlling the sky and the earth, and five-color divine light appeared...
Lu Ya slapped his thigh: "It's broken, I have become the master of all laws."

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