Cheating from Naruto!

Cheating from Naruto!


148 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Cheating from Naruto!

Travel through the world of Naruto and cheat at the beginning!Nether world, reincarnation world, dragon world, prehistoric world... countless worlds...Every 24 hours, cheating intercepts a chance of Ten Thousand Realms!"Ding! Get the map of the night travel of the ghosts in the ghost emperor's world, and the devil will cry to the world. Madara would like to call me the strongest ghost!""Ding! Get the illusion of reincarnation world, eighteen layers of hell, endless reincarnation, and feel the pain that is nearly a million times more terrifying than Yuedu!""Ding! Obtain the Kunpeng, the monster race in the prehistoric world, feed on the dragon race, and devour the world!"..."Ming, Hong... Since you are already my people, your strength should not be too weak."Gongshen Haoyue pointed to a row of ancient chances in front of her, exuding a mysterious aura, looking seriously at the second daughter who exudes fluctuations in shadow-level strength and said...


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