Chang Sheng Gou Dao: Start by marrying the queen

Chang Sheng Gou Dao: Start by marrying the queen


224 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling to another world, he was originally an idle prince, but was forced to become a puppet emperor.

Now it's better, there are wolves around.

The Empress Dowager possesses peerless martial arts, she is a fairy under the moon, almost unrivaled, she has controlled the government for many years, she is ruthless and murderous.

The chief eunuch of the harem is mysterious and unpredictable, and the dragon is unfathomable.

Even the maids in the harem possess peerless martial arts.

And Xiao Jing is just a mortal emperor, how can he break the situation?

[Ding: You and your wife's yin and yang will be reconciled once, and you will have a life span of ten years, and you will gain 50 Qi refining experience! 】

Xiao Jing was surprised that he was actually bound to a system of cultivating immortals. As long as he harmonizes with his wife's yin and yang, he can gain experience and lifespan to increase his level.

Add ten years at a time.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, Xiao Jing decided to endure it, and he wanted to endure it peacefully.

He will not break out until he can completely defeat the Empress Dowager.


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