Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 97 - Shangguan Bing Xue In Danger?

The green-spotted mutated cat that was facing the mutated snake was breathing heavily and the glow on its claws had dimmed considerably. Its speed had slowed by at least 50% and its entire body was bathed in sweat and dust.

On the other hand, the mutated snake was riddled with slashes across the length and breadth of its body, revealing red flesh and gushing blood. The red glow in its eyes had dimmed and its movements had become heavier than normal.

Although the battle between the two creatures had only lasted a few seconds so far, both had given 101% of their total in order to end the life of the other. A single mistake could cost anyone their life so during those few seconds they had activated their innate skill countless times, depleting Stamina and Mana without reserve.

To grow stronger, to evolve, to take a step beyond.

Each existence might have different motives but they all wanted to stand victorious. Unfortunately, the destiny of the green-spotted mutant cat and the destiny of the Jiao-Lao Snake was not to advance.


The wind whistled noisily and all the green-spotted mutant cat could see out of the corner of its eye was the metallic luster of a blade approaching its neck.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Gale Cat level 40. You have acquired Agility +3]

[Blood Will:: 8.2%/50%]

The creature's head shot skyward and the bright red blood of the Gale Cat was reflected in the eye of the Jiao-Lao Snake. That was the last the beast could see before its head was severed from its body as well.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Jiao-Lao Snake level 43]

[Blood Will: 9.1%/50%]

"No more extra stats from the Jiao-Lao Snake Soul Power, eh?" Bai Zemin sighed as he shook the blood off his sword.

Since the Jiao-Lao Snake was weakened and riddled with wounds, killing it was easier than usual. Although it was a pity not to get more stats like that, it was something Bai Zemin expected to happen sooner or later.

He stomped the ground beneath his feet and shot forward, following the booming sound a few hundred meters away.

It only took him a couple of seconds to circle around the collapsed buildings to see the last living First Order beast chasing after Chen He and demolishing every building in its path with its tail.

Such a scene was worthy of a science fiction movie, but now it was happening in reality right in front of his eyes. Even the most skeptical would be forced to accept that the world would never be the same in the face of such a horrifying view.

The Jiao-Lao Snake seemed to be able to sense Bai Zemin's overwhelming Soul Power as its head turned in his direction and looked at him coldly before lunging towards him as it constantly shot out acidic orbs.

"That won't work if you're alone." Bai Zemin muttered and suddenly disappeared from his previous position.

His speed burst completely and in the next instant, he appeared right under the beast's body, right under its jaw.


With a boost in his attack power of almost 30%, Bai Zemin's fist fiercely connected with the Jiao-Lao Snake's jaws, sending it flying.

However, to his and Chen He's surprise, the creature did not stand up again and two orbs of light entered their bodies soon after, indicating the death of the enemy.

[You have reached level 35...]

[Blood Will: 10%]

Apparently, Bai Zemin's blow had succeeded in destroying the brain from the outside, killing the creature with a punch.

Bai Zemin gave Chen He a thumbs-up before bending down to pick up the red-colored orb that had fallen next to the Jiao-Lao Snake's death. In fact, not only had this snake dropped a treasure orb... For to Bai Zemin's delight, all the First Order creatures had dropped at least one red orb!

Could it be that after the First Order there is always treasure? Bai Zemin would have to ask Lilith later.

"Hey, Bai Zemin!" Chen He approached agitated and tired but his eyes were filled with worry as he anxiously asked, "Bing Xue? She's still not back?"

"Shangguan Bing Xue?" Bai Zemin blinked before looking around.

Between the excitement of successfully evolving to First Order, acquiring a powerful initial job, and the bloody battle against a dozen First Order existences, Bai Zemin hadn't had time to think too much about anything so he only now realized that Shangguan Bing Xue was nowhere to be seen.

The two men looked at the burning forest with different thoughts.

"She... Could she have been killed by those First Order beasts?" Chen He asked in a low voice as he clenched his fists tightly.

Bai Zemin remained silent and looked up at a building that was still intact in the midst of so much destruction.

There, standing at the top, an incredibly beautiful woman to the point of taking the breath away from anyone who saw her was looking at him with a bright smile. Her hair waved in sync with the wind and her ruby eyes made her look like an angel from heaven if it weren't for the enchanting aura of a demon that surrounded her.

As if she knew what he wanted to ask just by his gaze, Lilith's voice reached his ears, "You have made this big sister veeery happy, little Zemin. This is the first time I see or hear about a First Order existence capable of wiping out a dozen in less than a minute and practically single-handedly... I wonder what you will become when you advance further in the Order? Will you be able to satisfy this big sister in bed~?"

Bai Zemin almost spat out two liters of blood when he heard her last sentence. However, to his surprise, she sounded genuinely pleased and joyful; as if seeing his previous performance was a great delight to her.

"That aside..." Lilith looked at the burning forest and said lazily, "That Lower Existence called Shangguan Bing Xue is not dead. She's still alive but you'd better hurry if you want to get her out of there."

He nodded imperceptibly and looked at Chen He before saying indifferently, "You wait here. I'll go get her out. Go with Liang Peng and take care of the treasures until I return."

"What?" Chen He blinked and looked to his side only to realize that Bai Zemin had already disappeared and was now several dozen meters away.

His face turned pale as he realized how horrifying Bai Zemin's speed was and unconsciously glanced at the First Order Jiao-Lao Snake's body. However, Chen He soon processed what he told him before and his eyes shone.

Take her out? So she was still alive!

His legs felt weak and he had to force himself forward. He had to protect those treasures or if Liang Peng did something stupid then no one would be able to stop Bai Zemin if he went crazy.

Let alone now that he had seen what Bai Zemin was capable of actually doing during this battle to the death!

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