Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 96 - Fighting The First Order! (Part 2-Last)

After disappearing from his position and without having to change his course consistently after losing the harassment of the mutant snakes, Bai Zemin's terrifying speed, now unimpeded, was on full display.

With nearly two hundred Agility points, the distance between him and one of the mutated snakes was closed in a moment. The beast hissed in pain and upon seeing him immediately retaliated by spitting out an orb of acid.

Bai Zemin leaned at an unnatural angle to the left as if his body was made of rubber, avoiding what could be certain death. Taking advantage of that same movement he swung his sword from above downward and fiercely slashed the mutated snake's body.


Surprisingly, the mutated snake's scales could not be cut and for the first time since he obtained the Xuanyuan Sword, he failed to break through his enemy's defenses. Not only were the snake's scales extremely tough, but Bai Zemin could also feel a strange slippery liquid that when he cut earlier caused the sword blade to slip and lose a great deal of its power.

The mutated snake swung its tail like a whip and struck forward with a look filled with murderous intent. The power of its tail was terrifying enough to slay another First Order creature with a single strike, which was proof enough of how dreadful it was.

However, Bai Zemin secretly sneered, and instead of dodging, he stepped forward as he slammed his left fist fiercely.


When the human's small fist and the beast's tail with a thickness of over a meter collided, the normally expected scene of the human being crushed did not happen.

The mutated snake hissed painfully once again and its body was sent flying like a kite with a broken string before thunderously slamming into a building and collapsing it in the process.

Bai Zemin did not give the creature time to prepare and lunged forward while sheathing his sword. After arriving next to the snake he sat on top of its head and clamped his legs tightly around it before beginning to strike mercilessly with both fists.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The difference between the previous Bai Zemin and the current one was not small by any means. After evolving to First Order and successfully acquiring his Berserker Blood job, he gained a great increase of power not only in the stats scrolling on his status window.

As a Berserker, Bai Zemin's attack power increased by 20% when he used certain weapons or his bare hands; therefore, his strikes at this time were actually several times more powerful than normal and, as if this wasn't enough, he was also receiving a boost of almost 6% thanks to his new passive skill not yet observed by him.

The mutated snake opened its single eye wide and howled in pain. The beast began to writhe endlessly but failed to shake Bai Zemin in any way. Even when it hit other buildings in the process it failed to shake him off its back. Its scales split and blood began to flow but Bai Zemin's blows did not stop and in less than two seconds he had already struck a few dozen times.

The mutated snake's wild movements slowed down noticeably and the sparkle in its eyes slowly faded, showing that its life was coming to an end.


Bai Zemin sensed danger from behind but he didn't need to turn around to know who the attacker was this time. Just judging by the sound of the wind it was obvious that it wasn't any of the other three mutated snakes, it was the giant bee!

He laughed coldly and as his fists blasted against the mutated snake's head he said nonchalantly, "Wall of Blood!"

Surprisingly, a two-meter-high wall rose from the pool of blood accumulated from the death of so many sizable beasts, separating him and the giant bee.

Mana's expenditure this time had been considerable, 20 points to raise the wall. But this was also normal since he had not yet mastered this new energy in any way and like Shangguan Bing Xue had only an initial understanding.

However, what happened next was most surprising.

When the giant bee's sting hit the wall, it seemed to pass through it as if it were a puddle of water; without any difficulty whatsoever. In fact, it even formed ripples as if the wall of blood was not in a solid-state!

The giant bee's body began to glow slightly and gradually its size began to increase. It was obviously absorbing enemy blood to become more powerful!

However, how could Bai Zemin have forgotten about the mutated bee he killed on the first day of the apocalypse? Back then, the Big Bee had absorbed some of the zombie's body to become stronger.

Berserkers were known as a melee class with an attack power even more powerful than that of warriors in most role-playing games. However, Bai Zemin was actually a Blood Berserker.

What was the difference? Magic.Â

"Blood Spears!"

Bai Zemin's voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

The wall of blood suddenly opened and two huge red spears shot out like a torpedo. The giant bee did not even have time to retreat when its two wings were sliced wide open by the two spears that pierced through its weak defense with ease.

The creature let out a strange yell and fell to the ground unable to do anything but shake its body. Without its wings, the giant bee did not have enough power to move as it would like since its weight was too great for it, which had evolved by absorbing Mana and not by absorbing Soul Power.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Jiao-Lao Snake level 45. You have acquired Strength +4, Stamina +2].

[You have reached level 34...].

[Blood Will: 6.7%/50%].

He dashed forward at full speed without rest and before the mutated bee could even howl in pain its head was ripped off its body after a sharp flash.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Blood Sucking Bee level 39. You have acquired Agility +5].

[Blood Will: 7.6%/50%].

Gradually, the Soul Power he received from First Order creatures became thinner. The evolution experience was still corresponding, but the additional stats were less; as to whether it would stop or not he didn't know yet.


Suddenly there was a bang on the battlefield and Bai Zemin arrived just in time to see Liang Peng hitting one of the mutated cats with green spots and sending it flying with his hammer.

"Oh?" Bai Zemin raised an eyebrow and was surprised to see that while he was killing, Chen He and Liang Peng hadn't been slacking off either.

Apparently, at some point, one of the green-spotted mutated cats had been hit by the mutated snake, getting seriously injured.Â

The mutated snake was still locked in a battle to the death with the other green-spotted mutated cat so it could not break away and Liang Peng took the opportunity to finish off the second cat.

As for Chen He... He was currently moving all over the place while shooting arrows at the last mutated snake that was chasing him.

Although his arrows did not possess the power to pierce through the snake's defenses as they were just normal arrows empowered by a bit of Mana, they did cause enough pain to make the creature enraged.

The mutated snake was faster, but Chen He was cunning and jumped from building to building without getting caught; every time a building was demolished he jumped to another and continued.

Moreover, the mutated snake did not dare to stop to cast acidic orbs as it seemed to remember the consequences by feeling the pain in one of its now empty sockets.

Thanks to the two of them, Bai Zemin had not been disturbed for a couple of seconds and was able to finish off two more First Order beasts.

As for the last mutated snake, apparently, the beast realized that things were not looking good and quickly turned to flee. When Bai Zemin noticed it he barely caught a glimpse of the beast's tail disappearing into the crimson flames in the direction of the forest.

Using that liquid as a protective layer, the mutated snake might have a chance to flee in another direction; but if it stayed it would definitely be slaughtered sooner rather than later.

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