Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 93 - Blood Berserker: First Order Bai Zemin & New Skill! (Part 3-Last)

Inside the forest, Shangguan Bing Xue was engaged in a death match with the First Order mutated snake.

In her left hand was the magic wand, boosting her Mana and Magic stats by a large margin. In her right hand was an ice sword that had cost over 50% of her mana to make. Her beautiful angelic face was quite pale but her eyes were as cold as the sword she wielded.

Although the mutated snake's scales were incredibly tough and Shangguan Bing Xue could not pierce them, her physical and magical attacks contained a large amount of freezing power inside so every swing of her sword or every time she crafted different ice weapons to attack a part of the snake's body over twenty meters long was frozen.

The mutated snake hissed and its bloodshot eyes looked at its enemy with murderous intent. Its body shook and the layers of ice that were beginning to form broke into countless pieces that slowly fell to the ground. However, its blood was slowly beginning to cool and its movements were becoming increasingly stiff.

Shangguan Bing Xue suddenly felt overwhelming danger of death after seeing how the mutated snake had its maw wide open. She didn't even think about it for a second as she immediately erected a thick wall of ice several meters high between her and the creature.

A green cloud came out from inside the mutated snake's mouth a second later and clashed against the ice wall. The seemingly super sturdy ice wall began to erode at astonishing speeds visible to the naked eye.


Suddenly there was a powerful explosion a few kilometers away and the next thing Shangguan Bing Xue could see out of the corner of her eye was a bright crimson flash approaching at speeds impossible for her to comprehend.


Before she could even comprehend what was happening and after a huge blast that shook the earth slightly, the mutated forest began to burn fiercely and the beasts within began to howl and roar in anger and pain as the flames raged mercilessly.

The mutated snake was distracted for a moment and stopped its skill. The beast seemed to notice something wrong and quickly began to slither towards the lake where the rest of the First Order monsters were.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Followed by two whistles of wind, two ice spears pierced the beast's two eyes crudely. The mutated snake stopped dead in its tracks and began to shake its body all over the place in pain.

Shangguan Bing Xue hurriedly backed away while keeping her gaze fixed on the beast. The snake that was over twenty meters long slammed into some trees that were on fire in the process of constantly writhing and knocked them down with ease.

She knew the crimson flames would soon reach her position but instead of retreating she decided to rely on the Bronze Bell and charged forward, launching attack after attack at the now sightless First Order creature.

As the victory drew closer and closer, she could not help but marvel and be frightened by the earlier attack. She had no idea what it was that Bai Zemin had fired before but the destructive power of that attack did not lose in the slightest to the destruction that a couple of missiles could cause.

However... She knew there were no missiles here, let alone ways to use them even if there were!

* * *

Third Order Active Skill? Bai Zemin's mind rushed at the speed of light as he saw the green message flashing across his retina at the same time as he marveled at the trail of crimson fire blazing in the sky.

However, circumstances did not allow him to focus too much as a flurry of green-lettered messages began flashing in his retina one after another.

[Critical Hit!].

Bai Zemin's lips curved upward. His face pale from all the Mana consumption recovered as if by magic and he could feel himself becoming much, terrifyingly much stronger than before...

He had succeeded.

He had completed a task that had been given to him alone in all recorded history as he was the only person with the qualifications to fulfill it.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Mana Embryo level 48...].

[Kill Unranked enemies using Blood Manipulation with a single attack. 100/100].

[Kill First Order enemy using Blood Manipulation on yourself. 2/2].

[Kill First Order enemy with a single attack using Blood Manipulation on yourself. 1/1].

[You have successfully evolved to First Order and have become Blood Berserker. Attack power increases by 20% when using axes, spears, swords, maces, or bare hands. Your blood attacks become 20% more effective. When facing more powerful enemies, your attack power increases by 20%].

[You have learned Second Order Passive Skill 'Blood Will' level 5].

[You have reached level 31 and get 12 status points to distribute freely].

[All Soul Power accumulated during the evolution process has been calculated. You get additional stats: Strength +65, Agility +43, Stamina +43, Magic +40, Health +35, Mana +30].

[You have fulfilled the necessary requirements to evolve two skills].

[You have received the title 'One Hit to Kill'].

After calculating the Soul Power of the Shadow Tiger, the Platinum Ape, the Mana Embryo, as well as that of a few thousand zombies, insects, and mutated animals, Bai Zemin obtained a stat boost of approximately 30% compared to his previous one before evolving.Â

Because he had already hunted some First Order creatures, the additional stats he obtained from enemies within that category gradually became less as his own Soul Power began to adapt to that range of evolution.

In fact, now that he had reached the First Order it was likely that the Soul Power he obtained from such enemies would become even thinner as he was also within the same category unlike in the past.

However, a boost of approximately 30% in overall strength was something fearsome, not to mention that he was currently past level 30 and had several tens of status points reserved for times of crisis.

The number of green-lettered messages flashing across his retina were too many, so Bai Zemin could not pay attention to them all at the moment as the battle had only just begun. After all, all he had done was to kill the central problem that had been marked with masterful accuracy by Shangguan Bing Xue but there were still more enemies left inside the forest.

But none of that mattered at the moment, Bai Zemin could read in careful detail when all this was over once and for all. Because the most important thing was that he had finally leveled up, fully recovering to his maximum and going even higher!

The level up that occurred in the process of the wall blocking his growth became completely ragged and that was all that mattered. His path was finally clear once again and he didn't have to worry about stagnating!


The thunderous roars of dozens of mutated monsters echoed everywhere as the mutated forest began to burn increasingly out of control, fueled by the wind from the previous hurricane as well as the gasoline and infamous oil that had been spread by the group led by Fu Xuefeng and Zhong De earlier.

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