Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 68 - The Strongest Is The King (Part 2-Last)

Some people lowered their heads and others began to whisper to each other after hearing Pei Wang's words. No one could deny that the words he had just said were true to some extent. After all, who was really willing to risk their lives unless it was extremely necessary to do so? In fact, most of the students who had died so far had died because they had not dared to fight even when the zombies had cornered them and left them with no way out.

Even among the people who had agreed to go out to do logistical work, there were some who only did it so that they could eat their fill and not for any other special reason. If they had to choose, they would naturally prefer to stay in the safest place possible.

"That was all you wanted to say?" Shangguan Bing Xue nodded slowly after Pei Wang finished his speech and looked at him with the same indifferent expression that made it difficult to know what her thoughts were.

"That's right." Pei Wang nodded, now feeling more confident seeing that no one was refuting his previous words. "We would like to receive the same treatment as everyone else. After all, if no one present wants to work it's not as if we can be forced, is it? Or what, are we going to be left to starve?"

Shangguan Bing Xue sighed exhaustedly and looked at Pei Wang as if he was dumb: "I don't think anyone here is starving. In the past, people worked and earned salaries depending on their efforts, and now that society fell into chaos people still have to collaborate to make things work somehow. Since money is worth little in our current situation, food is the best currency. Do you want to eat better? Then work and earn it."

Saying that, Shangguan Bing Xue turned around and was about to leave but suddenly stopped and looked at Pei Wang coldly.

"Just one more thing... If any of you dare to speak anything bad behind the backs of us who keep your young skins healthy, then you'd better prepare yourself for the consequences."

Chen He looked at everyone present and added, "If any of you disagree with our rules then you can leave. No one is holding you against your will! I'm sure you'll come back begging for mercy when you meet a zombie out there."

After saying that, Chen He turned around and followed Shangguan Bing Xue not before looking at Bai Zemin, who continued to eat his dinner without caring about the opinion of others.

If it was before, Chen He would not say such words. But he was gradually adapting to this new world and, although it was not easy, he knew it was necessary if he wanted this group to have some kind of order. Otherwise, if everyone did what they wanted, everything would become a disaster before they knew it.

Pei Wang's face turned pale as he realized that his words carried no weight in this situation. Even if the other survivors agreed with him, so what? No one would ever be willing to support him no matter what since they needed the main fighters to survive.

"Now do you understand? Know your place!" Xiao Rong looked at him like a clown before turning around and walking as far away from the place as possible.

"Even a dog doesn't bite the hand that feeds it. Are you still human or what?" Ling Ming gave him a look of disgust before snorting and following her friend with no intention of staying close to such a person.

Not only did the two girls give him scornful looks, but all the others who ate white rice just like him also gave him the same look and walked away.

Before they belonged to the same group who were displeased and dissatisfied with the new food distribution rule, but now that even Shangguan Bing Xue and Chen He had sided with Bai Zemin without hesitation, none of these survivors dared to stay by Pei Wang's side for fear of being labeled as ungrateful people and the treatment they received would get even worse.

To Pei Wang's horror, even his close group of friends looked at him with a touch of shame before turning and walking away with their bowls of rice.

The place fell silent under a strange and slightly heavy atmosphere for a few seconds before a casual and indifferent voice broke the silence.

"Em. This meat sure is good."Â

Everyone followed the source of the voice and saw how Bai Zemin set his bowl aside before slowly standing up.

He looked at Pei Wang with a slight smile and without saying anything turned around and walked away silently.

What else could he do? Continue the matter when everything had already been made clear? Wasn't that lowering himself to the level of a cowardly and insignificant ant? Bai Zemin had better things to do and Pei Wang's little act could never affect him in any way.

A moment later, Wu Yijun's voice reached everyone's ears: "Just a reminder to you, as you seem not to realize the current situation. The rules no longer exist here, the society has really fallen and even the central government of China does not respond since even I, the granddaughter of the Prime Minister is in these circumstances... I advise you out of kindness not to provoke the limits of patience of a person whose strength is probably the highest among us all. Believe me, you are all very lucky to be able to have food in your stomachs and you should appreciate and be grateful for that."

After saying those words, Wu Yijun looked at Pei Wang coldly before walking towards Shangguan Bing Xue and her group.

At first, everyone was astonished and dumbfounded to learn of Wu Yijun's true identity. Soon, however, that astonishment and surprise turned to horror because if what she said was true and she really was the granddaughter of the Chinese Prime Minister, the fact that she is here and even had to starve for almost a full week meant that the central government was really in big trouble or otherwise her family would already be here looking for her.

Besides, Wu Yujin's words had another implication and that was that Bai Zemin had already thrown one person into the zombies before, another one probably wouldn't make a difference to him; therefore, it was better to be obedient and not cause trouble unnecessarily.

* * *

"Humans really are despicable." Lilith giggled disdainfully as she rocked her dainty feet gently.

Currently she was sitting on a large marble table, watching Bai Zemin's actions curiously.

"Indeed. But not just humans... I think any intelligent race would be just as greedy."

"Not all. I have known races to act for a single general purpose. Though it is rare."

"Damn aliens."

"By the way, Bai Zemin, what are you doing?"

"You mean this?" Bai Zemin took off the Blazing Ring and the Hurricane Necklace, leaving them on the table, and as he inspected them a smile appeared on his face, "These two objects are the first two keys that will open the door of evolution for me."

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