Fighting against high-level creatures was really risky. A single mistake was enough to send anyone on their way into the underworld and pay a greeting to the legendary God of Death.

In fact, even fighting a level 3 zombie during the first few minutes of the apocalypse was extremely difficult; one touch, the slightest scratch, and it would all be over right then and there. It didn't take a bite or too much contact for a life to end.

In truth, if it weren't for Bai Zemin's luck, he would probably be dead by now.

At that time, because the window of his room was small, the level 5 Big Bee had no choice but to fly directly that way, which made it much simpler for Bai Zemin to attack it since he knew where the assault would come from. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to defeat such a fast and unpredictable monster.

It was also thanks to that single kill that he obtained his skill Blood Manipulation. If it wasn't for this skill, Bai Zemin wouldn't even have been able to leave his room successfully and would have become zombie food by now.

However, although fighting high-level monsters was risky, the rewards of being victorious were far superior to the rewards one would get from defeating monsters at the same level; just the extra stat points alone were equivalent to two or more levels considering the fact that each person only got two stat points per level.

Not to mention the drops.

Bai Zemin took a step forward and quickly put both orbs and the scroll into his backpack before standing up again. Immediately and without even a moment's rest, he stomped hard on the ground beneath his feet and charged towards the zombies staggering in his direction.

A minute later, the remaining zombies had been purged by Bai Zemin.

"Teacher Jia. What happened to everyone else?" Bai Zemin asked with a frown as he looked at a female teacher in her thirties that he had rescued earlier.

"Student Bai... The rest... I'm afraid they ran away when they saw things were getting ugly. As for the direction... I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't know." The teacher replied with a bitter smile.

This teacher's name was Jia Jiao and she was a teacher of the third year students so she knew Bai Zemin. Her personality was quite kind by nature and in the past, she had treated Bai Zemin quite well even though he came from an ordinary family.

"I see." Bai Zemin simply nodded as he looked at the twelve people who remained.

About half of them had fled upon seeing the zombies approaching from all directions. These people would most likely die unless they dared to fight for their lives; but even then, the chances of dying were much higher than living.

As for this, Bai Zemin could do nothing about it. Currently, it was already difficult for him to survive and a single Great Fast Mantis had forced him to use all the status points he had been saving for times of crisis. If he were to encounter two of those monsters, then Bai Zemin would most likely die unless the battlefield conditions favored him greatly.

Since those people fled, then they no longer had anything to do with him. He simply saved them earlier because he was just in passing and didn't want to see his kind become food for other species.

"Let's go. We need to move towards the gymnasium. Only then can we get some rest." He said and turned to leave.

The twelve survivors followed him not daring to stay behind. Their eyes filled with fear for the future looked intently in all directions for dread that a strange mutated creature would take away the life they had been protecting for so many years.

* * *

On the opposite side of the male dormitory was the female dormitory. The distance between the place where the girls rested and the gymnasium was exactly the same as the distance between the gymnasium and the male dormitory.

A group of about twenty people moved in the direction of the gymnasium. This group of people was mainly composed of women, but there were also seven men among them.

However, no matter whether it was the women or the men, they all looked at the back of the woman who was leading them with respect, admiration, or love.

A group of five zombies stumbled toward the crowd of survivors. Seeing their distorted expressions and their blank eyes, many of them could not help but shudder along with the small sound of choked sobs.

The woman leading the group and carrying the lives of nearly twenty people on her shoulders had beautiful silver-colored hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin was as white as milk and as smooth as the purest silk, giving her an appearance similar to that of a real fairy. However, her expression was as cold as eternal ice with no apparent emotional flow. Yet, although her expression was as cold as ice, her body was as hot as fire, filled with curves in the right places and extremely charming.

Upon seeing the five zombies, this young woman of only 22 did not panic, her gaze did not change in the slightest. She waved her hand and five ice pikes appeared floating above her head. With another wave of her hand, the five ice pikes shot towards the incoming zombies.

With great precision, the five ice pikes struck the heads of the five zombies that were moving at embarrassingly slow speeds, creating a hole the size of a small fist in the head of each target. However, no blood came out of the wounds as a small layer of ice sealed them.

When the rest of the survivors saw this, their expressions changed for the better and their idolatry towards this woman increased several folds immediately.

On the other hand, the woman's expression was still as cold and indifferent as ever.

* * *

From a different direction, another group of survivors was advancing at a rapid pace under the leadership of two men.

This group had about thirty people, so the strong vital smell attracted many zombies as well as other grotesque creatures that intended to devour them in order to evolve.

Two zombies suddenly appeared from inside a building and staggered towards the survivors. However, before the survivors could even scream in terror, two arrows flew and struck the brains of the two infected, cutting them lifeless immediately.

The survivors looked at the young man holding a bow, wearing sports clothes, and carrying a quiver behind his back, with admiration and envy. This young man ignored them and picked up the two arrows he had used before, wiping the blood on them with a rag of torn clothing.


Suddenly a mutated dog appeared charging at a speed three times faster than a normal person. The big brown dog opened its jaws wide with the intention of biting the young man's head off. With the jaw strength of this level 9 mutated dog, the young man's head would be shattered in a single bite.

However, what greeted the dog was a huge hammer.


The dog's head popped off in pieces. The dog's brain matter, blood, and flesh flew everywhere, making a bloody mess. The animal collapsed on the ground completely lifeless.

"Even if you are fast, if you don't attack me first you are too weak, stupid dog!" A burly man with a beard on his face spat on the dog's corpse.

This man looked to be about 35 years old and the expression on his face was savage. He held a metal-colored hammer that was almost as big as a door with his two hands, wielding it with apparent ease although it was clearly a heavy weapon.

The group continued to advance towards the gymnasium.

* * *

Of course, Bai Zemin did not know that apart from him, there were other people who had the same idea and the same temporary goal.

However, even if he did know, he probably wouldn't be too surprised. After all, the gymnasium was located right in the center of the university campus so it was accessible from all directions. Moreover, the gymnasium was also one of the few facilities that could be considered comparatively safe.

Apart from Bai Zemin, there were other people who also dared to fight or simply had no choice but to fight if they wanted to survive. As a consequence, there were several people who had their own fortuitous experiences, gaining powerful skills and treasures that did not belong to this world.

Twenty minutes later, and after making several detours to the area in order to find the easiest and least difficult path for the survivors he had saved, Bai Zemin was finally only fifty meters away from the gym and reached his first goal.

However, things seemed to be a bit complicated.

"Student Bai, now what do we do...?" Jia Jiao asked with a pale face as she watched the scene in front of her.

Bai Zemin frowned slightly as he crouched in a corner and saw the dense group of zombies wandering near the gymnasium. There were over fifty zombies, all of them too close together for him to pass. Even for someone like Bai Zemin it was no easy feat to fight against fifty creatures that could defeat him with just a scratch.

If it was in a place where he could move, then Bai Zemin was confident that he could take out a few hundred zombies given enough time. However, fighting fifty of these creatures in such a constricted place was challenging even for him who had been steadily leveling up.

What stupefied him most was that these zombies didn't seem to have any intention of leaving.

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