Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 50 - Adrenaline And Blood Manipulation!

The pressure Bai Zemin felt when his feet reached the fourth floor of the building was very great and although he did not know how it felt to have a waterfall of water hitting him from several meters high, he estimated that surely it should feel similar to what he was feeling at that moment.

However, the corner of Bai Zemin's mouth turned up into a small smile instead of twitching.

"I really have become stronger haha!" Bai Zemin laughed out loud and took a step forward as he tightened his grip on the hilt of the Xuanyuan Sword.

Right! The current Bai Zemin was no longer the same Bai Zemin of the past!

The current him was no longer the same level 15 Bai Zemin who could only run and plan to barely have a slim chance of victory against the First Order Blazing Beetle! He was currently a powerful level 21 evolver who had absorbed massive amounts of pure Soul Power; including the Soul Power of a First Order monster!

Bai Zemin stopped hesitating when he realized that while he might be unable to win in one-on-one, he wouldn't necessarily lose either!

It would all depend on what kind of skill the evolved zombie possessed.

With a steady gaze, Bai Zemin activated his First Order Blood Manipulation skill and cast it on himself. Of course, his intention was not to hurt himself; his aim was different from all the previous times.


What was adrenaline?

Adrenaline was a hormone and could also be considered a substance. The substance possessed the ability to constrict the blood vessels, dilate the airways and increase the heart rate.Â

But when did this substance show itself?

The body begins to secrete adrenaline when it feels threatened or in danger and this substance travels through the blood as a means to reach every part of the body.

In addition, adrenaline had great benefits, some of them being the improvement of reflexes, increased reaction speed, and many other effects... So, what would happen if Bai Zemin increased his own blood flow and made the adrenaline start traveling at faster speeds?

Would it enhance those characteristics even more?

"You're crazy..." Lilith's eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Bai Zemin as if he was an unknown beast.

Honestly, Bai Zemin was not the only existence capable of manipulating blood to some extent. Lilith knew someone who was even more powerful than her who possessed a similar natural skill... However, that other existence had clearly never thought of using such a skill in a self-destructive manner on himself when he was still weak.

The reason? Using one's own skill on one's own body was extremely dangerous unless such a skill was a blessing or benefit of some sort. However, Bai Zemin's Blood Manipulation skill was a skill intended for attack and not to be used on himself.

Even less so when he did not even possess initial mastery over his own skill!Â

Although it was risky, Bai Zemin's situation was already dangerous to begin with. Besides, in this world, if one did not take risks in the early stages when everything was simpler then one could only expect death in the later stages.

Bai Zemin had understood all this very well and that was precisely why he decided to gamble... And his gamble along with his high magical power proved to be right.

He could feel his heart rate increasing after activating his Blood Manipulation skill and the blood throughout his body began to move twice as fast as normal; Bai Zemin did not dare to force it any further than this.Â

His pupils dilated, improving his overall vision of his surroundings.

Due to the faster circulation of adrenaline, blood glucose increased and Bai Zemin could feel how his body seemed to have more energy than in the past.

Doing this was extremely dangerous and consumed Mana constantly as Bai Zemin had to keep his Blood Manipulation skill constantly activated. However, at this point, as long as the battle ended as quickly as possible, it was a good thing.

Bai Zemin stomped the ground beneath his feet and shot forward at full speed, flashing between the unfamiliar corridors in search of the strange zombie. Due to his high speed and how small the corridors were in comparison, from a certain point of view it seemed as if he was blinking short distances constantly.

The fourth floor was practically undisturbed unlike the first two floors which were littered with corpses and blood. There was also no sign of zombies or any other strange creature, so Bai Zemin correctly assumed that all the zombies on the fourth floor had probably gone down to the third floor and joined the zombies there, explaining why there were so many of them.

Another strange thing was that no door had been broken down yet and while there were many open, most were firmly closed so the odds were high that there were still people alive inside since if they were zombies they probably would have fought to destroy the door the first day the world changed in search of food.

Bai Zemin took out several bottles of blood from his backpack and due to the adrenaline coursing through his veins he almost didn't feel the pain when he opened the bottles with his still half-broken hand. Then he began to spread blood on the ground.

For every corridor he went through, Bai Zemin spread a two-liter bottle of blood on the ground.

Finally, after more than twenty bottles of blood and leaving himself with only ten in reserve for emergencies and leaving aside the First Order Blazing Beetle blood needed to evolve his Blood Manipulation, Bai Zemin stopped dead in his tracks and waited patiently there.

Although he could not sense where the horrendous pressure was coming from exactly, he could sense that the creature was rapidly approaching him.

Suddenly Bai Zemin felt a gale of wind charging towards him and without hesitation, he jumped to the side while slashing with his sword diagonally.


The sound of two clashing metals echoed throughout the corridor, traveling through practically the entire fourth floor as proof of how powerful the clash between the two was.

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