Seeing Shangguan Bing Xue interrupting him without letting him continue, Chen He smiled bitterly and shook his head before sighing and getting to work.

Obviously, she knew what he was going to say. However, Shangguan Bing Xue not only had no interest in anything romantic, but even though she trusted Chen He enough to call him a friend, he was just that; a friend.

At the end of the day, his friendship was what Shangguan Bing Xue cherished, but if he was looking for more than that, at this moment he would only get hurt if he listened to her answer.

As for the future? That no one knew. It was just that considering how many years Shangguan Bing Xue and Chen He had spent together but even then he failed to get into her heart, it would be difficult for such a friendship to turn into something more than friendship.

* * *

In the female dormitory.

"Great, this time we are saved!" Li Na exclaimed as she used both hands to muffle the sound of her voice overflowing with excitement and joy.

"We will be saved!" Gao Min and Fan Wu hugged each other as they sobbed emotionally moved to the point of tears.

Even the generally positive Gao Min was beginning to lose all hope after so many days without a proper meal and locked up in a place that was like a prison to them.

"Girls, look!" Wu Yijun quickly noticed a young man charging toward the female dormitory. However, when she wanted to point him out for her friends to see, he had already disappeared with lightning speed.

"Fast!" Wu Yijun was surprised and secretly glad.

The more powerful this person proved to be, the better news for the girls as the hopes of being rescued would increase exponentially as well!

Trapped in the girls' dormitory, seeing no chance of survival where if they didn't die of starvation or thirst, they would die of being eaten by a zombie. With such a cruel and devastating reality, if it hadn't been for the girls cheering each other on, they all would have gone crazy right now.

A couple of days ago, when they saw Qiao Long show seemingly invincible power, they believed that help had finally arrived. However, even he who was as strong as a super human was forced to retreat miserably by some unknown entity.

The girls really couldn't take it anymore!

At the same time as they were celebrating to lift their moods, the zombies outside the door headed towards the girls' dormitory and began to violently attack the door.

The four girls shut their mouths without daring to make another sound, not even daring to move, standing together in silence. Staring at the door in fear; in their eyes, the door represented a prison that contained them trapped here, but at the same time it also represented their escape and survival.

If the door fell, they all knew there would be no chance of survival.


Suddenly there was a loud bang coming from somewhere in the building and the zombies pounding on the dormitory door stopped.

The girls sighed in relief as they felt the beasts growl and move away with shaky steps in the opposite direction. The four girls looked at each other with fear and a touch of hope as they sat on a bed all together facing the door.

Now, all they could do was wait.

* * *


Bai Zemin appeared before the firmly closed front door of the female dormitory and kicked it open. The bang of the metal door opening wide resounded everywhere and the echo traveled among the nearby buildings.

Because the zombies in the vicinity had already been eliminated earlier by Fu Xuefeng and the rest, no creature appeared. However, Bai Zemin was not satisfied and frowned tightly.

Why doesn't this zombie come out? Bai Zemin thought silently.

Until now, as long as there was a certain amount of noise, the zombies would definitely advance in that direction. However, even after making such a commotion, the strange zombie that this Ming Shui Shui girl had seen before leaving here did not show itself.

Bai Zemin's wariness increased another notch as he walked towards the inside of the building with slow and cautious steps.Â

Although Ming Shui Shui had said that Qiao Long had cleared the first two floors before having to retreat on the third floor, Bai Zemin did not trust anything but what he saw with his own eyes at the moment.

The smell of rancid blood and rotting flesh embraced Bai Zemin's nostrils as soon as he had taken a step inside. Zombie corpses and people lay everywhere, creating a catastrophic scene scary enough to scare the most macho man in the world.

However, after experiencing and seeing with his own eyes so many people dying, Bai Zemin felt that he could bear at least that much. Therefore, after stopping for a moment he continued to move forward slowly.

The lower floor was devoid of any sign of life; only corpses and death was what could be seen in that area.

Upon reaching the second floor after carefully climbing the stairs, what greeted Bai Zemin was exactly the same sight he had seen on the fist floor and if it wasn't for the different clothing on each body or the position they were in after dropping dead he might have thought that he was still on the previous floor.

It was upon reaching the third floor that Bai Zemin finally saw signs of movement.

More than fifty zombies were slowly advancing down the corridor in the direction of the stairs. All of these zombies were women who had been infected after being scratched or bitten or who simply became mindless creatures after the arrival of the Soul Record and the Mana movement.

While fifty zombies were no challenge at all for someone like Bai Zemin, when you put those fifty zombies in an enclosed space where there was hardly any room left to move properly things were different and the difficulty was multiplied by countless times.

Fortunately for him, thanks to his Rare Grade Treasure Full Coat things were not as complicated as they seemed to be. Moreover, unlike zombies and unintelligent animals, humans could think of countermeasures to adapt to whatever situation they had to face.

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