Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 35 - Arrogant And Vicious Qiao Long (Part 3-Last)

While He Yuhan and Xu Fen looked at the people who were apparently the leaders, upon more careful observation they realized that the union of this group was not particularly good. In fact, He Yuhan had subtly noticed that except for Shangguan Bing Xue and Chen He, both famous people on campus, the guy with the sword whose name was unknown to them and the leader of the team in charge of maintaining guard Liang Peng were not particularly close to any person present.

Bai Zemin did not bother too much with useless introductions. While these people claimed to be able to do some jobs without danger, what he lacked most now were fighters. As for the matter of Chen He, he didn't even think about it for a second before forgetting that.

Shangguan Bing Xue saw that Chen He's expression had turned a little ugly. As for Bai Zemin's expression... He was so indifferent that he seemed to be competing with her. Not wanting the group to have more problems than they already had, she looked at the two foreigners and asked suspiciously, "You two, would you mind telling me how you were able to survive for a whole week? Not only are you not evolved people who absorbed Soul Power from the Soul Record, neither are there any particularly safe places here to casually rest for six days without food."

Bai Zemin's ears twitched softly upon hearing this and he focused his attention on the two people again. If it wasn't for Shangguan Bing Xue's sharp mind he really wouldn't have cared about something as small as that; but now he really was curious.

Besides, he was still hoping to get information about the person who had conspired against him three days ago.

While Bai Zemin was recovering from his most severe wounds, Lilith had told him that a man who did not belong to the group he was part of had lured many zombies to surround him after he finished his battle to the death against the First Order Blazing Beetle. Back then, if not for Shangguan Bing Xue's timely appearance, Bai Zemin might have actually died in that place.

It was precisely for this reason that his attitude towards her had become slightly more tolerant as he knew he was in debt. Bai Zemin was always a person who remembered favors... But he also remembered enmities.

In the past, a person close to him betrayed him in the cruelest way. As revenge, when Bai Zemin recovered from his depression, he secretly sneaked into that person's bedroom and broke his legs as well as his arms with a metal pipe during the night.

How could he forget about someone who intended to turn him into zombie food?

Although Bai Zemin did not expect to find such a person from the mouths of these people, pleasant surprises still happened even in hell.

He Yuhan's eyes flashed with anger, reproach, sadness, and many complex emotions when he heard Shangguan Bing Xue's question. In a low voice, he began to narrate the events that he and Xu Fen had witnessed the first few days that the world changed.

Before everything became chaotic, He Yuhan was escorting his girlfriend back to the women's dormitory after they had been together most of the day when the storm broke out without warning. Not long after, He Yuhan felt as if he had been punched in the stomach, forcing him to stop his steps in his tracks as he knelt on the ground.

The pain only lasted a few seconds, however, when he looked to his side, he was shocked and startled to realize that his pretty girlfriend was standing under the rain in a daze. He Yuhan tried to call out to her, but when he saw her dying white eyes he was so frightened that he couldn't help but turn away... It was then that chaos erupted.

Being the closest building, He Yuhan ran to the female dormitory and locked himself in a room before sealing the entrance with anything useful. A day later, the door was broken down by a good-looking strong-muscled man named Qiao Long.

Qiao Long was a person who had trained hard in some kind of martial arts since childhood so he somehow managed to kill several zombies, absorb Soul Power, and evolve. However, his lucky break came when he encountered two high-level mutated dogs seriously injured after fighting each other; taking the opportunity, Qiao Long killed both mutated dogs and directly evolved to level 15.

However, Qiao Long was actually a cruel snake who hid his fangs behind his facade of a handsome man. After gaining power, he understood and accepted very quickly that the world and the rules of the past were no longer valid; the only valid rule in this new world was that all rules were written by whoever had the strongest fist.

Having understood the whole situation, Qiao Long showed outstanding adaptability. However, he also unleashed all his darkest desires without caring about anything but enjoying the new life.

Within his group, Qiao Long had forced everyone to call him 'King'. As 'King, Qiao Long naturally had his own harem which was composed of a total of eight beautiful female students and two beautiful female teachers. Among these ten women, only four of them were happy as they could eat the best food and have the backing of someone strong; but the other six were unwilling.

Unfortunately, these women were weak and Qiao Long simply forced himself on them.

Qiao Long not only forced the women to serve him, but also ate the best food and enjoyed the best treatment available within the group of survivors he had rescued. This had naturally aroused the discontent of many people for which a group consisting of five hot-blooded students stood up to confront him.

Too bad, these warm-blooded students were just normal people. How could five normal human beings even compare to Qiao Long, who was not only versed in martial arts but had even absorbed a vast amount of Soul Power higher than his own? Qiao Long broke the legs of the five male students and threw them into a group of zombies while laughing loudly as he watched them crawl with their hands and the slow zombies chased after them at similar speeds.

In the end, due to the zombies' infinite stamina, the five students were eaten alive when they exhausted all their strength. After this event, no one dared to oppose Qiao Long anymore and he has been living a life of debauchery and uncontrolled while the rest were living the life of cats and dogs.

After finishing narrating the story, He Yuhan explained that the reason why he and Xu Fen managed to flee was because three days ago Qiao Long had returned frightened for some reason and vented all his fear having physical relations with several of his 'imperial concubines'. Making use of this opportunity, they both fled during the night.

When the group of survivors heard about Qiao Long's actions most of them could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. The women shuddered in terror at the thought of leading a life worse than death and their eyes were filled with pain at the suffering those people were experiencing.

He Yuhan's words also served to make everyone realize how fortunate they were. After all, while the group had its own problems, at least everyone was relatively decent and the four strongest leaders kept their sanity seemingly intact; even the lecherous Liang Peng had not forced anyone to do anything obscene.

Suddenly the temperature of the place seemed to drop several degrees all at once and the survivors could not help but recoil as they looked at the beautiful and usually indifferent Shangguan Bing Xue with surprise and trepidation.

Even Bai Zemin, Chen He, and Liang Peng had to move several steps away as they looked at her with different reactions.

A part of the ground under her feet had frozen completely while her eyes seemed to burn with fire as she looked at He Yuhan. Very slowly, she uttered word by word, "You... Lead me to the place where Qiao Long is."

Her voice was as cold as millennial ice that had been cut off from all warmth and seemed to have forgotten all about emotions.

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