Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 14 - Evolution Requirements

Looking at the description of the skill, it would be a lie to say that Bai Zemin was not surprised. However, the surprise was not so much after hearing Lilith's explanation earlier.

The Soul Record clearly creates skills depending on the qualities of each person, further adapting that person to evolve and paving his or her path.

Any strength or any personality characteristic of a person was categorized as a skill as long as the trait interfered in any way with the possessor, regardless of whether it was a positive or negative trait.

Due to certain past events, Bai Zemin's personality had become very indifferent towards people and to some extent, he only cared for those close to him. However, he had not reached the point of possessing a stone heart where even a drop of water would find it difficult to enter.

Obviously, this strange entity called Soul Record could also enhance a person's traits and take them to a higher level than normal.

Bai Zemin estimated that this could also be one of the side effects of mana.

However, from his current point of view, it did not seem to be a very useful skill. It did not contribute strength in any way nor was it an active skill that would allow him to make use of supernatural powers such as his Blood Manipulation.

After hesitating for several minutes, Bai Zemin asked, "Lilith, between an unclassified skill and a First Order skill which one is better?"

"Eh?" Lilith, who was silent, was surprised to hear his voice again and even more surprised to hear his question. However, she soon seemed to understand something when she softly exclaimed, "Ah! You ask this because of your skill Blood Manipulation and your passive skill Special Forces Soldier, right?"

Bai Zemin opened his mouth, wanting to say something, however, the next instant he regretted it and simply said, "That's right."

Although Lilith had helped him a lot so far, Bai Zemin could not trust her completely. Even if he didn't know how strong Lilith was, at least hiding one or two things from her, especially skills that appeared without warning, temporarily might be better from his point of view.

When the trust between them grew, he might tell her about his private issues if she didn't do anything to betray him. For now, it was better to be safe early than sorry later.

"Skills are separated into five levels, from level one to level five," Lilith thought for a moment before slowly explaining: "When an unclassified skill reaches the highest level, in other words, level five, that skill acquires the right and the possibility to evolve into something more powerful. Bai Zemin, focus on your Blood Manipulation skill for a moment."

Bai Zemin quickly did as she told him and the results showed immediately. A window with many green letters flashed in his retina, displaying a message.

[Blood Manipulation (First Order Skill) Level 5: This skill can evolve to the next level if the following requirements are met].

[Collect one hundred liters of blood from fifty enemies level 5 or higher: 0/100].

[Collect ten liters of blood from five First Order enemies: 0/10].

[Collect one liter of blood from one Second Order enemy: 0/1].

"This... This is what it says here..." Bai Zemin was surprised before he began to describe in detail everything the status window described.

"...Although I was already expecting it, really how horrible." Lilith whispered with a bitter smile after hearing the requirements needed to evolve the skill Blood Manipulation.

Hearing her words filled with bitterness, Bai Zemin's heart couldn't help but sink when he asked, "Is something wrong?"

"Bai Zemin, your Blood Manipulation skill is much, much more powerful than you imagine." Lilith took a deep breath before speaking in a serious voice, "After defeating an enemy for the first time after the arrival of the Soul Record, depending on the level, the qualities of the defeated enemy, as well as luck, a skill roll will definitely drop no matter what."

From the corner where he was sitting, Bai Zemin stared at her. His eyes from the darkness looked exceptionally bright, a proof of how focused he was currently.

"The qualities of a normal human, at their maximum, definitely did not exceed ten stat points before the advent of the Soul Record... However, due to your high magical power, your body and physical conditions were slightly higher than normal." Lilith revealed and after thinking for a moment continued, "A normal level 2 monster is generally twice as powerful to a normal person, so unless that person is very lucky or knows and possesses some means to defend themselves, that person will definitely die."

"Now do you realize how lucky you were to be able to kill that level 5 bee?" She finished with a serious question.

Bai Zemin couldn't help but nod unconsciously. If it wasn't because all the circumstances were in his favor, as well as a stroke of luck back then, he definitely couldn't have killed that level 5 Big Bee.

"Due to the characteristics of the normal bee, when evolving the bee needed blood to evolve and you, by defeating such a monster with a significantly lower level, naturally acquired a very strong skill." Lilith said.

"Although I know that my Blood Manipulation is strong, I don't think it's as terrifying as you describe it, no?" Bai Zemin couldn't help but point out. If his skill was as strong as Lilith made it sound, then shouldn't he be invincible? After all, Lilith's tone was truly surprised even now, several hours after seeing the Blood Manipulation skill scroll.

"You say that because right now you can only use that skill to do small things without great effect. When your skill starts to evolve..." Lilith's eyes lit up with a hint of joy indiscernible to Bai Zemin before continuing, "In my entire life, you are the first person that I know managed to acquire a First Order skill at its peak level. Even the leaders of the various higher existent factions were unable to do such a thing before they got to where they are now."

When he heard this, Bai Zemin felt excited and couldn't help but ask while complaining, "Lilith, what is this lower existences and higher existences you've been talking about all this time? To be honest, it's a bit annoying to hear you refer to me as a lower existence all the time."

Lilith blinked her two beautiful eyes slightly in surprise before shaking her head and saying, "I apologize for that. No offense, it's just habit. I had no bad intentions, nor was it my intention to make fun of you... As for what the higher existences are, you don't need to know it temporarily. For now, just worry about reaching level 25 as quickly as possible."

Hearing her sincere apology, Bai Zemin felt much better. At the same time, he couldn't help but think once again that this Stone Heart skill really didn't seem so useful.

Since Lilith didn't say anything else, Bai Zemin also had no intention of asking any more questions temporarily. Instead, he closed his eyes wanting to sleep.

However, his mind was filled with thoughts that impeded him from sleeping comfortably.

To be completely honest, Bai Zemin longed to rush off to find his family. However, such a thing was too unrealistic given that his family was currently on the other side of the city.

Beijing was a very big city, even bigger than some countries in the world. Even in normal times, it took many hours by car to get from the university to his home, not to mention now that the outside world was filled with chaos.

God only knew how many roads had been blocked with all kinds of transports, zombies, and other wandering creatures. In the midst of such conditions, even a month of travel was not necessarily enough considering that he would have to fight countless battles to make his way through.

Therefore, Bai Zemin had no choice but to restrain the growing urgency to venture out in search of his family. After all, if he died, nothing would make sense.

At the thought of his family, his eyes filled with tears again and he could only barely restrain himself from crying a second time. Bai Zemin looked at his Stone Heart skill and couldn't help but inwardly groan: 'Damn thing, you're no good with this seductive woman but you affect my heart now?'

As the rain poured down like a torrent and the sound of thunder made the walls of the building tremble softly, exhaustion slowly overcame him and before he knew it he fell asleep.



"I will wait until you trust me, boy." Lilith whispered with a complicated smile as she watched him sleep on the floor.

Although she did not know what kind of skill he had acquired, it was impossible for Bai Zemin, inexperienced and only twenty years old, to easily mislead Lilith, who had experienced countless hardships and met all kinds of people throughout her life.

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