[This is a daily novel about a seasider going up and down the mountain!

There is no pretentiousness, only the leisurely uphill and downhill!

Chronology, daily life, rushing to the sea, farming, raising children, parents who have short stories, don’t enter if you don’t like it, don’t spray it! 】

Ye Yaodong just couldn’t sleep, he wanted to go to the deck to blow some air and take a pee, but he fell into the sea and went back to 1982.

It is still the familiar small fishing village, but he is not the same as when he was young.

He’s been an asshole for half his life, this time he wants to live a good life, but why doesn’t everyone believe it…

He had no future in his previous life, and he doesn’t have any big ideals or ambitions in this life. He just wants to redeem his regrets, live a good life with his wife, and have a safe and happy family.

[To clarify, I changed my pseudonym. It used to be called “A Cup of Iced Lemonade”, but now it’s changed to “Rice’s Rice”]

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