Back To My Husband’s Youth

Back To My Husband’s Youth


162 Chapters Completed Status


The only thing I regret before I die is that I met Li Qinyuan too late.

Once reborn, she returned to the age of 15.

Gu Wuyou was full of joy to find Li Qinyuan, she planned to meet him in the best years of his life, however, looking at the young boy jumping down from the branches with his hands behind his head, his phoenix eyes looked at her: “You’re looking for me?”

Gu Wuyou: ????

The husband that Gu Wuyou remembered was silent but gentle, powerful and feared by everyone, but it wasn’t until she was reborn that she discovered that hee husband wasn’t only proficient in all things, but was also the city’s notorious second-rate ancestor, who was hated by everyone and was useless except for his face.

The two lives of the couple, the two lives of healing.

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