Astartes of the Bear School

Astartes of the Bear School


1048 Chapters Ongoing Status


In a magical Middle Ages, it was difficult to stick to your beliefs...or even stay alone.
Because the people here are not simple, they are ignorant, greedy and cruel.
Because the nobles here are not noble, they are insidious, vicious and tyrannical.
But... people's constitutions cannot be generalized.
Lan En touched the two hearts and three lung sacs under his chest.
It is estimated that not only in this world, but also in other worlds connected by the intersection of the celestial sphere, I can maintain a healthy view of good and evil.
——Then get rid of all those hopeless scum!

[Estimated world experience: Sekiro, Assassin's Creed, Monster Hunter, Bloodline, Dark Souls, Nioh...]

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