All-People Transfer: My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

All-People Transfer: My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!


649 Chapters Ongoing Status


One hundred years after gaming invaded reality.

Jiang Li has traveled to a world where games and reality are completely integrated.

Monsters are rampant, secret realm copies are rampant, and there are gods and demons appearing, constantly squeezing the living space of the human race.

Everyone can change careers to become powerful professionals when they reach adulthood.

On the day of the job transfer, Jiang Li, who was known as a genius, became an ordinary mage and failed to become a hidden profession.

People are sorry.

However, only Jiang Li knew that he had awakened a god-level talent, and all skills were automatically maxed out!

Full-level flame dragon roars!

Full grade absolute zero!

Full-level Thunder Destroys the World!

In this world where skill upgrades are as hard as the sky, Jiang Li is completely invincible!

One day.

Jiang Li plunged into the abyss, looked at the trembling demon lords, and smiled slightly:

"Don't be afraid, I'll throw a fireball."


The fiery fireball like a star was thrown, and the abyss was instantly melted into ashes!

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