As we all know, omegas have a special physique, and there is an unavoidable estrus period every month, and one omega’s estrus will trigger another omega’s estrus.
In June, the first female and the second female from a new cast in the studio had an affair, and the two were locked in a hotel for two weeks.
The news was revealed, and it immediately swept the hot search.
Ranked first in the hot comment list, the comment that was praised by passers-by turned out to be: “Double estrus, double happiness.”
The two fans were torn apart.

Lin Ke threw his phone, tightened his clothes and said softly, “My fans will definitely tear you apart!”
Lin Bingran brushed his wet hair, but actually didn’t mind doing it again, “Oh, that’s what I want to say too.”

The protagonist of the cast is in an unexpected estrus.
The first woman and the second woman do not want to carry a black material that is always messed up and discarded.
The company’s overnight public relations: “The two have actually been in a relationship for a long time.”
Two fans: “I believe in your evil?!”

Fans of Shuanglin, who used to be so arguing that there are no grounds in the sky, became a batch of CP fans by coincidence one day, and the way of tearing and forcing became strange and strange.
“Baby Coco! If you attack her, you can’t be looked down upon by your opponent! Did Lin Bingran give you a diamond ring? Buy her a suite!”
“Of course, goddess, the fans of Lin Ke’s family are too much! They say you are suffering! Would you like to return a gift to a villa?”
Passerby: “I heard that Shuanglin’s relationship depends on fans’ introversion, is it true?”

Double O love, the copy has been screenshotted.

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