After the immortal disappeared

After the immortal disappeared


1388 Chapters Ongoing Status


(plot flow, story flow, no system)
Three thousand years ago, the demon came.
The immortal takes action, wins and drives him away, and the demon withdraws from the world. Later, the cataclysmic changes in the world caused the spiritual energy to weaken, the immortals disappeared, but the demons transformed into gods and infiltrated the human world again;
More than 160 years ago, the divine object arrived.
The fertile Chipa Plateau and the invincible Panlong Ancient City were all reduced to loess;
Now, I have arrived!
Follow the clues left by the immortals, reverse the established fate, and uncover the truth about the immortals and demons...
And the origin of everything begins with returning to Panlong Ancient City and experiencing the tragic and tragic history.
PS: This article is a mystery article. It does not open the perspective of God. The whole picture and truth of the world are gradually revealed with the actions of the protagonist. It emphasizes exploration and experience, not routines.

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