After exhausting myself to death

After exhausting myself to death


250 Chapters Completed Status


Shen Minghuan has been regarded as the king of the gods since he was born. He looks down on all living beings from a high position. He is admired and doted on by his tribe, and he is extremely proud. The system said: [From today on, you are the most loyal subordinate beside the protagonist! You have to assist them and help them until they ascend to the supreme position! ] The system asked: [Host, the task is very challenging, are you confident? ] Shen Minghuan thought seriously and nodded seriously: [It sounds very challenging. ]After all, he can only be a king, not a subordinate. But they should be pretty much the same...right? * "He is the person I respect the most in my life." "Only glory in the prosperous age can barely match you." "If it were you, it doesn't matter if you surrender." Shen Minghuan: Thank you for the invitation, I am just an ordinary and good subordinate. Intention: Do your best to love the world. Those who chase the light will themselves be radiant.

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