After Differentiation Marked Dead Enemies

After Differentiation Marked Dead Enemies


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[The next book is “Marked Omega Chief with A”]
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The unruly and unruly devil king smells Lu Yaoyi’s pheromone, his legs are soft, he is not afraid of childish ghosts & he is so cold to others that he can freeze people to death, but he is only gentle and violent to Jiang Yuli.
The setting of the ABO in this article is based on my standards.
In the early stage of the attack, he was disgusted with Shou’s mouth and body, and in the later stage, he was a little milk dog of Shou.
Being attacked from the beginning to the end, there is only attack in the eyes of the heart.

What Jiang Youli hates the most is the neighbor’s daughter Lu Yaoyi, because Lu Yaoyi has always been the “daughter of someone else’s family” in the mouth of her father and father, so how did she look at Lu Yaoyi since she was a child, and she loved to do it every day. The thing is to bully Lu Yaoyi. As long as Lu Yaoyi is not happy, she is very happy. The strange thing is that others can’t bully Lu Yaoyi.
Only she was bullied.
In the first year of high school at the age of sixteen, Lu Yaoyi differentiated into an S-rank Omega.
Jiang Youli’s medical report shows that she has a 99% chance of differentiating into an Omega, so she has been waiting for her to differentiate into a higher-level Omega, but she accidentally differentiated into an Alpha, the pheromone of Alpha and Omega During the test, the pheromone fit between her and Lu Yaoyi turned out to be a perfect match.

Jiang Youli immediately slapped the table in anger.
fart! How could she be a perfect match with Lu Yaoyi? !
What kind of garbage detection is this?
Must be fake!

So she tore up the appraisal certificate in front of Lu Yaoyi, and then pointed to Tian and swore in front of her friends, “Damn it! I will never like Lu Yaoyi in my life, and I will never mark Lu Yaoyi. !”
Luckily, it was overheard by Lu Yaoyi, who was passing by unintentionally.

Lu Yaoyi: “Oh.”
Jiang Youli: “…”

However, she couldn’t help being fascinated by Lu Yaoyi’s pheromones.
One day later, Jiang Youli lost a game with a few friends. She confessed to the Omega class flower next door in front of the whole school, and said that as long as the class flower agreed to her, she would immediately mark the class flower. At night, Lu Yaoyi was red-eyed. At the moment when she asked her with tears if it was true, she realized that she had always liked Lu Yaoyi since she was a child.
Lu Yaoyi really ignored her, and she started to panic.
When Lu Yaoyi took the initiative to give herself to her, she knew that Lu Yaoyi had also liked her since she was a child.
after that.
The seven days and seven nights of the lifetime mark directly drained Jiang Youli’s soul.
Jiang Youli was so fragrant, she marked Lu Yaoyi.
She likes Lu Yaoyi’s people and pheromones.

In fact, this is a-
Really fragrant slap in the face and a secret love come true story.

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One sentence summary: I marked my nemesis, and my face hurts.
Purpose: The light of youth will eventually make you a better person. Even if you live in an unfair world, you can still get your own piece of sky.

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