Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

1058 Chapters Ongoing Status


I Zatiel, Abyssal lord, Ruler of death and destruction, Nightmare of Dys, have AWOKEN!!!!!.

His life has been fill with events that can shake the universe:

-Fighting against Tiamat, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, in the first circle of hell, while billions of demons and devils butcher each other beneath them

-Start a World War against the Heavenly race, and transform himself in a Golden Sun while he slaughters their greatest warriors, the Archangel.

-Enter the Final Space and fight against the Outer Gods.

-Tearing the nine levels of Baator during his battles against the Prince of Evil, Asmodeus.

With his memories as a ruler of the Abyss and a Universal Existence, Zatiel will rise again.

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