A sickly beauty controls an interstellar beast

A sickly beauty controls an interstellar beast


486 Chapters Ongoing Status


One second the boss of the apocalypse, Shen Yinghuan, was leading his animal army to fight zombies for 300 rounds, and the next second he was transformed into the sickly beauty cannon fodder female partner in the interstellar beast-control novel.
This is a world where beast masters have a high status and everyone wants to be a beast master. The jungle preys on the strong, and the folk customs are tough. Shen Yinghuan has attracted countless scorns because of her sickly and beautiful face, and there are many people who covet her. But she can A master who lets others push him and swallows his anger?
Her soul is bound to Bai Ze, and she possesses special beast-control skills, and can cultivate contracted spirit beasts with ease.
The second young man of the Chai family, the first family, kidnapped someone by force. Haha, she took advantage of her plan, maimed his legs, and ransacked his lair. His spirit beast had tears in its eyes and asked to be taken away;
The arrogant genius of the Beastmaster Academy wanted her to be his girlfriend. Oh no, she wanted to do it. She summoned a group of spiritual beasts at random, and any one she picked out was stronger than his own spiritual beast;
A certain spirit pattern master condescended to propose marriage. He really wanted to eat swan meat. The honorary elder badge of the spirit pattern master's union on her chest blinded him.
Later, because she was so good and there were so many people coveting her, she simply bought herself a man with a wave of her hand.
Later, everyone suddenly realized that this girl was not a sickly and delicate little white flower at all, but an overbearing flower who was so strong that it made the prodigies doubt their lives. She couldn't be offended, so let's go... ..
Only the eyes of the man who was bought shone: This is his wife, his.
The envious and jealous brothers gathered money to help him redeem his life.
A certain man firmly refused: No, no, no, it’s free and there’s no redemption, and he’s still willing to pay back.
[The sickly beautiful boss female protagonist VS the virtuous and powerful male protagonist, 1V1, double clean! 】

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