Three Kingdoms

Chapter 3006: Anyone can do superficial things

Kucha Pilang City.

Originally, the city of Qiuci was magnificent and had a large population. However, after Lu Bu massacred the city, the Western Region Allied Forces looted it again. The remaining people in the city either fled or died, and only three to four tenths of them remained.

When the new Kucha King Bai Cheng arrived at Pilang City, he saw only wreckage everywhere. There are gaps all over the city walls, and there are only a hundred households left in the city. The Kucha Palace is even more dilapidated, with almost no intact place to be found. Bai Cheng even slept in a leaky house for two days before someone finally managed to seal the holes in the walls and windows.

Lu Bu was undoubtedly the culprit for the final defeat of Piran City, and the subsequent military disaster completely destroyed the city.

Although the Western Region Allied Forces ostensibly seek justice for the Kucha people, in fact, except for their own parents, who would really work wholeheartedly for people other than themselves?

Everyone has worked so hard to come all the way to get some food and use. What’s the problem?

So Piran City naturally became what it is now.

Of course, the saddest place is not inside the city of Piran, but outside the city.

The hellish scene was in a valley more than ten miles outside Pilang City.

The new King of Qiuci, Bai Cheng, took a look and vomited for a day...

Because most of the corpses were thrown into the valley outside Piran City, and no one dug holes to bury them, or spread some medicine to repel insects and wild beasts, so in this valley, now Almost a forbidden area for humans. Countless mutilated corpses filled the stomachs of scavengers who were short of food in the surrounding area.

The bald eagles rise and fall, and some even cannot fly because they have eaten too much, and can only jump on the ground.

Next to these scavenging vultures, there are groups of jackals and wild dogs, eating until their entire faces and eyes are blood red...

It is winter now, and after spring, this place will become a paradise for insects. Flies and all kinds of insects will dominate this place.

When a person dies, he dies.

Will the dead have any other emotions because their bodies were buried, burned, and eaten by these scavengers? So since the dead people don't care about their bodies, why do other people have extra emotions because of this? Are you afraid of corpses, or are you afraid of your own death in the future?

Anyway, Bai Cheng has never been to the valley outside the city since that time.

In the streets of the city, due to the infusion of blood, many places changed from the original yellow-gray to ocher-red, and some places were even so red that they turned black.

Of course, there were also some ministers from Kucha who accompanied Bai Cheng to Pilang City. Whenever these ministers from Kucha came out of their tents or from the dilapidated courtyards, they would inevitably lament how powerful Kucha was back then. , going around to conquer the tyrannical expansion of the territory, but all the brilliance are like the yellow flowers of yesterday. Although they still have some appearance, they are already decayed inside.

King Qiuci is still called King Qiuci. He did not change his name just because Pilang City was destroyed. The names of the ministers of Qiuci have not changed, so a very interesting question arises: where does the authority of the king and ministers come from? People from Kucha? But the people in Kucha never knew such a thing existed. From name to position? But it is obvious that the current King of Kucha and the Minister of Kucha are no longer as powerful as that era.

Although the palace is dilapidated, it is still there.

Although there are fewer huge tents, they are still there.

The king, ministers, servants, attendants, etc. are still there.

Everything seems to be no different from when the Kucha Kingdom was tyrannical, but it seems to be completely different.

Nowadays, both the nominal King of Kucha and the actual ministers in power feel that the noose of fate has been put around their necks, and it is getting tighter and tighter...

"Report!" The Han envoy is hundreds of miles away from the city! 』

Qiuci ordered the soldiers to report outside the main hall.

"My respected king, you must make up your mind quickly..." Su Keli, the chief minister, urged Bai Cheng, the new king of Kucha.

Bai Cheng did not answer immediately, but turned to look at Alex, the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Bai Cheng was not the originally intended successor of Qiuci. He could even be said to be a free-range wild child. He had never received any education in governing the country, nor had he learned any special skills.

Bai Cheng just had an affair with a shepherdess for some reason when his father, Bai Su, the king of Kucha, was out hunting. A year later, a shepherdess came to the door with her child in her arms...

Bai Cheng's father originally didn't want to admit it, but letting the royal family's blood flow outside was something that was not easy to talk about, so he pinched his nose and admitted it. Naturally, he didn't like Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng's mother, the shepherdess, took the money and left happily, not knowing where she went. For a shepherdess, giving birth to a child can be sold for money, just like a ewe giving birth to a lamb can be exchanged for money. There is not much difference.

The king didn't like it, and his mother wasn't around. Well, even if she was around, it was impossible for the shepherdess to teach Bai Cheng anything. Therefore, Bai Cheng grew up unfettered, eating, drinking and sleeping every day, until suddenly one day, Bai Su died.

Bai Su kept Bai Cheng because Bai Su knew that Bai Cheng posed no threat at all.

When Bai Shan rebelled, he did not send anyone to kill Bai Cheng, because Bai Shan also knew that if he succeeded, Bai Cheng would not be a threat either.

As a result, Bai Cheng is now the king.

Baishan became a traitor.

Among all this, the most critical point is the Chief Minister Shukri.

Shukri is very rich, or his family is very rich. In order to keep the money, Shukri is willing to do anything. The reason why Shukri is willing to support Bai Cheng is not because of Bai Cheng's excellent potential, but because Shukri and Baishan had some conflicts before, so Sukri is not willing to see Baishan climb the mountain in any case. The throne of Kucha Kingdom.

So, is there anyone more qualified than Bai Cheng, the successor?

As for Alex, the internal minister, he was originally just a waiter around Bai Cheng. Although Alex, like Bai Cheng, was originally a marginalized character in Qiuci, Alex knows more about the world than Bai Cheng, and he also knows some daily social etiquette and so on. As the only person Bai Cheng trusted after taking office, he naturally became the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Seeing Bai Cheng turn his gaze to Alex, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Shukri also turned his gaze over. Different from Bai Cheng's gaze of consultation or help, Su Keli's gaze was full of threats.

Without him, Shukri is the one who provides the money.

Otherwise, how could Bai Cheng, the son of a shepherdess, get so much money to maintain the operation of the royal city?

The chamberlain coughed and forced a smile, "My respected king, there is an old saying that when you are a friend..."

"The Han people are not our friends!" "Bai Cheng gritted his teeth and said, "The Han people killed many of our people! Outside the city! In the valley outside the city! There..."

Bai Cheng said, seeming to remember what he saw and heard at that time, and couldn't help but blush, "Why?" Why should we entertain him when they killed our people? Why? ! 』

Shukri glared at Alex.

Alex twitched his face a few times, "My king... now we should take a longer view..."

"No! The Han people are our enemies! ” Bai Cheng stood up, “They killed my brother! They destroyed my homeland! Do you still want me to greet them now? Are you going to welcome them with a smile? I can not do it! 』

After saying that, Bai Cheng strode towards the inner hall angrily.

Shukri's face immediately darkened, "I originally thought I was raising a lamb, but now it seems that I am feeding an ungrateful wolf cub..."

Alex tilted his head, pretending not to hear what Shukri said.

"Don't act stupid!" "Sukri narrowed his eyes and said, "Our respected king can't see the situation clearly. Could it be that our minister can't see clearly either? If this is really the case, I know a very good doctor, just east of the city, who is very good at treating diseases..."

Alex snorted in his heart. Is there any good doctor in the east of the city? Is he the one who treats cattle, horses and livestock and specializes in hoof trimming? Although he was dissatisfied with Shukri's attitude, it was Shukri who paid for it after all, so Alex whispered: "I will go and persuade the king..."

"very good. "Sukri nodded, "You have to know...if the Han people don't get what they want from us, they will turn around and support Baishan...if Baishan really becomes the king of Kucha... There’s no need to talk about me... Will that guy from Baishan let Wang and you go? Or do you think Baishan would like an inner minister who serves other kings? 』

Alex's eyes became darker, "There is no need to remind the Prime Minister... I know very well that the more important thing now is to welcome the Han people... By then, if I don't have a problem here, you will have a problem over there!" 』

Shukri sneered, "Just do your thing well!" 』

The two broke up unhappy.

Alex walked around the main hall and headed towards the inner hall.

The inner hall is actually just a meaning. After all, the original inner hall was burned to a disgraceful state and there was no time to repair it, so it was just an area surrounded by a relatively complete room on the side. .

As soon as Alex arrived, Bai Cheng came up to him, with a look of excitement on his face, "How was it?" Do I pretend to look like it? 』

"Well, very good, very similar. Alex whispered, then subconsciously turned around and looked around, and then turned back and motioned for Bai Cheng to come into the room to talk, "My respected king, the chief ministers and ministers have all been deceived by you..."

How deeply does Bai Cheng really love his father and his brother?

Do not make jokes.

what is love?

Is it true that just by pointing at a dead object, raising your fist or cutting your finger, and shouting a few words, you can immediately fall in love with the country of Qiuci, the king and the country?

"This is the negotiation strategy..." Alex whispered, "My respected king, you have done a very good job... Shukri must know that the king is noble and cannot be blasphemed... He must agree to continue Spend some money to repair the palace, otherwise we will not agree to him..."


A shiny little coin.

Who does not like?

Even those who talk about being stupid, in fact, aren’t they openly jumping on stage and falling out just to make more money?

How much oil and water is involved in repairing the palace?

Just thinking about it made Alex feel energetic.

Ha, of course Bai Cheng, the King of Kucha, is important, otherwise it would not be Alex’s turn to take up this position and become the Minister of the Interior. But is his purpose of becoming the Minister of the Interior to fight for the Kingdom of Kucha for the rest of his life?

Are you kidding, of course it’s for money!

If you have the power, you can make better money!

What's the use of power that can't make money?

It’s expired and invalid!

The Kingdom of Kucha is destroyed, what does it have to do with Alex?

As long as he has money, he can make money! Isn't it moister everywhere than in Qiuci?

Alex smiled, looking at his king with a look of loyalty on his face.

"That's right!" "Bai Cheng nodded and said, "He must come up with some more money! 』

"Very well, my respected king..." Alex smiled, then lowered his head and stroked his chest in salute, "The Han people are coming soon. My king, you can express your emotions with a little anger. This will be normal." ... But you can’t be too angry... Yes, it was perfect at that level... Then just leave the negotiation to me... Negotiation is what I’m best at..."

Bai Cheng stepped forward and held Alex's hand, "I...I really don't know how to thank you...I owe you everything..."

Alex lowered his head and smiled, "All glory belongs to my respected king." 』

Alex walked out.

Bai Cheng's silly smile gradually faded away. He clenched his fists and sat still in the small and dark room.

"These bugs... rats..." Bai Cheng gritted his teeth, "I am the king... I am the noble king... these rats, these bugs... damn, damn..."

Unfortunately, Bai Cheng had no other way to face the current situation except muttering a few words about bugs and rats behind his back.

However, after Bai Cheng cursed for a while, he didn't know whether it relieved him or thought of something. He sat down in a place where the light could not shine, was silent, and then laughed, with a slight hint of laughter. A little nervous.

"Hmph, hehe, hum..." Bai Cheng was immersed in his own imagination. In imagination, he has become the king of the world.

About seventy or eighty miles away from Pilang City in Kucha, Han Guo had already stationed people and sent out scouts.

Yanqi is nothing to worry about, but the handling of Qiuci is very critical.

And the person next to Han Guo is the key to this meeting.

Han Guo went on a special trip to find the original senior monk of Qiuci Kingdom, or the senior monk's assistant.

Because the previous great monk Zheng was dead and was said to have been killed by Lu Bu, but this had nothing to do with Han Guo, because the crime belonged to Lu Bu and had nothing to do with Han Guo. At least according to Buddha's teachings, this point can be established and is no problem.

Everyone’s sins and karma are their own.

Others can share the burden, but they don’t have to. You can’t blame others for your own sins and karma. Therefore, Lu Bu’s sins are Lu Bu’s sins. What does it have to do with Han Guo? After all, Ashoka was widely praised by Buddhists even after he refrained from killing people.

Of course, not all Buddhists agree with this concept, just like many Buddhists took up swords and guns to resist in the wars of later generations.

However, it only requires the great monk Zuo to agree with this concept.

Han Guo turned around slightly and invited the monk to drink tea with him.

Monk Zuo happily agreed.

Monk Zuo likes to drink tea very much.

Even if there is no new tea promoted by Huqi, those old tea bricks with a foot-like smell are still a noble enjoyment in the Western Regions. Most people can't drink it, let alone when Huaqi's new tea appears. When we were in the Western Region, it was simply crazy.

Many people from the Western Regions, especially the nobles from the Western Regions, are eager to incorporate tea into every aspect of their lives. These people from the Western Regions thought they just fell in love with tea. In fact, what they didn't know was that what they fell in love with was a kind of civilization...

The aroma of tea overflows.

"Every time I drink tea, I can feel the flow of Buddha's thoughts..." Monk Zuo closed his eyes slightly, enjoying the fragrance of tea, "It's like spring when all things grow..."

Senior Monk Zuo was older, and his face was covered with wrinkles from the weather. Perhaps it was because he always encouraged people to do good deeds, or because he often smiled, or because he drank the pleasant-smelling tea soup, these wrinkles on Monk Zuo looked very festive, and they were stretching upwards.

Han Guo nodded, "I agree with this." Everything actually has Buddha's intention. Anything that goes against these Buddhist wishes is just like wanting to see flowers in winter or wanting to see winter snow in summer. It is inappropriate and weird... However, Monk Zheng, I have met a person now. I have a rather strange question, and I would like to ask the great monk Zheng for advice..."

"It's Da Monk Zuo, not Da Monk Zheng..." Da Monk Zuo put down the tea bowl and Heshi said, "If the donor has any questions, you might as well speak up." 』

"I heard... in Qiuci, the king needs the blessing of the great monk Zheng on the day he ascends the throne..." Han Guo looked at the great monk Zheng with bright eyes, "I don't know if this is true or not?" 』

The great monk Zakou proclaimed the Buddha's name and nodded happily, "That's exactly it." Only through the blessings of the Buddha can there be true peace and joy..."

Han Guo did not refute or question whether Bai Su, the previous king of Kucha, was also within the scope of the Buddha's blessing. Instead, he raised a new question, "So... now the new king of Kucha... Have you also been blessed by the Buddha? 』

Monk Zuo's face suddenly stiffened, and then he was silent for a moment, forced a smile, and shook his head, "Not yet, but I believe it will be soon..."

Han Guo shook his head, "This is not good." It's very bad. I'll tell you the truth. We Han people have a word called "precedent." This is a precedent, a very bad precedent... because it means that you can become a king without the blessing of the Buddha... Then in the future ...』

At such a moment, I don't know if it was Han Guo's illusion, but all the wrinkles on Monk Zuo's face sank, and the darkness between the wrinkles was as rich as the color of hell!

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