The King

Chapter 8: don't talk nonsense

  Chapter 8 Don't talk nonsense

   Actively jumped out to fight for the right to lead the army, and Hudson was also forced to do nothing. War is imminent. He can't escape at all.

   Running at this juncture, there is a high probability that someone will be stopped halfway, and then forcibly recruited into the army as cannon fodder.

  Although we haven't been together for a long time, he still has some understanding of Baron Redman. His political ability can barely be considered a passing grade, and his military accomplishment is a complete mess.

  Based on the analysis of his previous battles, Hudson came to a conclusion: a "knight" with good luck.

   To be able to survive until now, apart from being not weak, the most important thing is that the enemies you encounter are all players of the same level. Everyone made an appointment, set up a posture, and charged with the younger brother.

  Strategy and tactics do not exist. It is estimated that there are no such concepts in his dictionary.

  There is nothing to despise, everyone plays like this these days. It's all about real hard work, and there is very little hypocrisy.

   Obviously, this is very unfriendly to Hudson. If he goes to the battlefield with his own father, it is estimated that he will have to rush up and fight with real swords and guns.

   As a rookie Cavalier, Hudson is not yet ready to fight with others. In his view, the so-called noble glory is all vain, and only his life is his own.

  Even if it is really necessary to fight, let the younger brothers go first. Everyone is a mob, as long as they are slightly stronger than the rebels, that's enough.

   The important task of countering the rebellion should be handed over to teammates. If you fight with the wind, just keep up. If you lose a battle, you just need to run faster than your teammates.

   To gain a sense of presence among the aristocratic group, familiarity is enough. If you can make some military achievements by the way, it's blood money.

  Crisis and opportunity coexist. If you want to step up to the sky and stand out, the risks involved are too great. Hudson, who is self-aware, feels that he is still unable to grasp this weak chicken.

   Facts have proved that Hudson still thinks things too simply. If Baron Redman was so easy to be fooled, he would have been played to death long ago.

   It is not that there are no idiots among the noble children, but unless these idiots are born in a particularly good family and are covered by a backstage, most of them will not survive three episodes.

  It looks simple and straightforward on the battlefield, that is because of the overall atmosphere of society. The general environment is like this, how can individuals not be affected.

   The final result was that Baron Redman greatly appreciated his performance. As for his offer to lead the army, he neither refused nor agreed.

   Back in the room, Hudson was already desperate. Words can be deceiving, but bodies are often honest. Baron Redman spoke nicely, but the expression on his brows was obviously full of distrust.

  It’s right to think about it, a kid who is more than sixteen years old suddenly proposes to lead troops to fight alone, no parent can rest assured!

   What's more, they still brought five hundred young men to the battlefield. The Koslow family is not rich, and they really can't afford such expensive tuition fees.

  The most important thing is that the enemy this time is the rebel army who killed the nobles like a dog. The rules of the game between the nobles are completely unknown, let alone expected to be followed by the other party.


  Late at night, Baron Redman, who was lying on the bed, could not fall asleep for a long time. Obviously, the conversation just now had a great impact on him.

  Having spent half his life in the aristocratic circle, he is very aware of how much darkness is hidden behind this glamorous group. For profit, there is nothing they cannot do.

  But if Hudson's deduction is correct, how should he deal with himself now?

   In the final analysis, the Koslow family is still too weak. The population is prosperous and scattered all over the place, it can only deter the small and medium nobles of the same level, and it is not enough to meet the big nobles.

   "Do you really want to paddle?"

   This seems contrary to chivalry.

   You must know that he has never done this in previous wars. With a radius of hundreds of miles, who doesn't know the bravery of Baron Redman?

  I don't want to damage my reputation, and I don't want to be cannon fodder. Baron Redman, who was in a dilemma, lost sleep that night.

  . . .

  The next day, the news of the recruitment had spread in the castle. Whether it was servants or guards in the castle, they all joined the discussion.

   This does not include Lysul. Since he failed to ask for the life essence, he has been in a bad mood, which made the baroness also worried.

   "Leisul, look away. Your father is also in a difficult situation. The impact of this incident is too great. You must make a gesture, otherwise..."

   Before the baroness could finish speaking, Lesser interrupted angrily: "That's enough, isn't it just to give those **** an explanation?

   Could it be that the previous punishment was not enough, and I must be killed?

   are all members of the Koslow family, why should I bow my head?

   Just because you were born late?

   Not only the right of inheritance is forced to go to the back, but even the resources have to go to the back. This is really unfair!

  It’s just…”

  The baroness had heard the almost growling complaint countless times. But the rules are like this, and she can't change them at all.

  Even though she knew that Baron Redman treated her sons equally, and that her own children received more care because of the bedside wind, she was still not reconciled.

   No matter how hard you try, you can't change the order of inheritance. This meant that the family business of the baron's mansion had nothing to do with her son.

   Originally, she had accepted the reality, but seeing the tragedy of Lesur once again aroused her inner unwillingness.

   Maybe it was because of anger, or maybe because she hated iron and steel, the baroness stepped forward and gave Lesser a big mouth, and angrily said:

   "Shut up, Raisul!

   How many times have I told you, you can't talk nonsense. If you let your father know what you said just now, you will be kicked out now.

  You are not even a knight now. If you are expelled from the family, you will no longer be a noble nobleman.

   Do you want to be with the untouchables outside, and spend your whole life at the bottom, without any hope..."

   Not reconciled to return, but the baroness knows the hard-won status of nobility. No matter how much she dotes on her son, she still knows that there are some things that cannot be said nonsense.


  Even if it is..., how much better can my current situation be?

  He would rather give the life essence to outsiders than give me this son. Can you still expect to get another copy for me next time?

  Even if he had the heart, he might not have the ability. Hudson, that bitch, was forced to delay for a year, let alone us.

  It is necessary to know that according to the usual practice, after fulfilling the obligations of the empire, the baron's mansion can only exchange for a life essence every ten years. "

   Just finished speaking, seeing the baroness's face change drastically, Lesser suddenly realized that he had done another stupid thing.

  He is not the only seedling of his mother, besides himself, there are two younger brothers?

   Seeing that Hudson is about to go out to make a living by himself, the next fight for resources will be the turn of the three brothers. The palms and backs of his hands are full of flesh, can the Baroness still support him unconditionally?

  (end of this chapter)

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