The King

Chapter 77: Unsuccessful Dismounting

  Chapter 77 Unsuccessful Dismounting

   "What's the matter? Everyone looks downcast, who is this going to show?"

   Hudson asked angrily.

   Baron Hudson, who had just harvested a wave of refugees and was delighted by the increase in labor force, suddenly found that his subordinates were not in the right mood.

  The little brother wants to look like a little brother, so it's unreasonable to shake his face in front of the boss. If it gets out, the outside world can't say that he is not strict?

  Seeing Hudson getting angry, Tom, who reacted recently, hurriedly put away his emotions and replied: "Master, the task you ordered cannot continue!

   I don't know who leaked the news, many nobles ran out to **** people. There are soldiers guarding everywhere, and they arrest refugees when they see them.

  We encountered several waves of interception along the way, and thanks to your reputation, we were let go. "

  Hearing this answer, Hudson didn't know what to say. Although I know that this kind of thing won't last long, someone will jump out to grab business. But directly leading troops to rob people, this is too much...

   Forget it, if you talk too much, you will be in tears. Who made him pay attention to the appearance of eating all the time?

  Now the neighbors have reacted and played the trick of leading troops to rob people. It is impossible to think about pulling people in the past.

   Didn't detain his younger brother, and asked them to bring back the fooled person, obviously selling Hudson's face.

  In the aristocratic circle, face is given to each other. Everyone saved him face, and Hudson couldn't help but accept it.

  Counting those who came here one after another, the population of the Hudson Territory has exceeded the 6,000 mark. Although it is still facing the dilemma of labor shortage in general, the development of the territory is still on the right track after all.

  Compared with his colleagues, his territory has developed much faster. Especially those guys from northern Xinjiang, they are still halfway, and the territory has become a no-man's land.

   I really don't know how they will appreciate the neighbors around when they arrive at the place and see the deserted scene of the territory.

   Unknowingly, Hudson discovered that he had actually dug a sinkhole between the local nobles and the northern Xinjiang nobles, which was no less powerful than the thunder buried by Earl Pierce.

  Determining people's wealth, such as killing parents.

   Just relying on fooling around, some people will still find it difficult to leave their homeland, and choose to stick to the place and wait for the arrival of the new lord.

  But the colleagues did a great job, they directly led the troops to **** people, and didn't even leave the leek root.

   It can be said that one counts as one, as long as they lead troops to rob people, they are now on the opposite side of this group of nobles who went south and north.

   After being tossed about by his colleagues, Hudson couldn't understand the world. Is this for fear that the nobles of northern Xinjiang will not find out, or do they think that they dare not call to ask for someone?

   Offending people to death is not the way to get off your horse. Reason told Hudson that there must be someone manipulating behind this.

  Combined with the previous actions of the Governor's Palace, Hudson has reason to believe that this is the work of Earl Pierce.

  Although the Alpha Kingdom has not clearly stipulated that there is no heir after the death of the previous lord, and the ownership of the serfs under his command, everyone still defaults to the new lord.

  Unspoken rules are also rules. Without the acquiescence of the boss, no one in the southeastern province would dare to toss about so recklessly.

  Northern Xinjiang nobles robbed the Dalton family of a tiger, and if they didn't take revenge, wouldn't it appear that they were incompetent?

   Digging pits and laying mines is a secret method. On the bright side, the Dalton family also needs to come up with countermeasures to let everyone understand that they are the boss of the southeastern province.

  Among the nobles enshrined in Wyton and Wright counties, many of them have worked for the Dalton family.

  Although they are separated from the relationship in name, there is absolutely no shortage of connections in the dark. The boss was humiliated, and it made sense for the younger brother to take revenge.

  Maybe it was their own initiative, or it might be the instruction of Earl Pierce. In short, this account will eventually be credited to the Dalton family.

  The boss can carry the blame, but the board will still hit the person involved. Unless the northern nobles are so strong that they can suppress the Dalton family, the counterattack will only be aimed at a group of younger brothers who are active.

   After stroking his thoughts, Hudson finally decided to keep a low profile recently. Regardless of how the two sides played games, as a small pawn, the less sense of existence the better.

  Thinking of this, Hudson immediately asked for paper and pen to report the news to the family. He couldn't hold on to it with great difficulty, but was dragged into the water by his tribe.

   The main thing is to remind Adrian Knight not to have too much fun, especially not to drag the family into the vortex of the storm.

  As for Adrian himself, he was with Earl Pierce, and the imprint of the Dalton family on him was too strong to hide. Maybe he will be the one to lead troops to rob people this time.

   It is also good to hang out with the boss. As long as you don't take too much notice and don't violate some taboos when you usually execute orders, even if something goes wrong, someone will take care of it.

  In the southeastern province, the Dalton family can still protect them. As long as they don't take the initiative to kill themselves, they basically won't die.

   The worst thing is that when someone comes to settle accounts, someone takes the opportunity to catch them and beat them hard, so as to lose face.

  As long as the operation is good, the fight will not be in vain, and at the last time you can show your loyalty to the boss, and if you are lucky, you can get some compensation.

  As for the two fellows in Wyton County, they have just inherited the title, and they are still poor and white. Only relying on the support of relatives can the operation of the territory be maintained.

   Even if you want to do something, you don't have the capital in your hands. Not to mention leading troops out to rob people, even if sending people over, they would have to worry about how to support them.


  After traveling all the way, a group of northern nobles finally arrived at the administrative center of the southeastern province, which is also the headquarters of the Dalton family—Beida City.

   Without any accident, the army was stopped outside the door. The army of Aslante Continent, no matter whether it is elite or rabble, the military discipline is very average.

  When they were in their hometown, the soldiers could barely do anything wrong. When you become a guest army, it's all about not grabbing white or grabbing.

   Treating foreign troops, everyone fears them like a dragon. Although everyone has now joined the ranks of the nobles in the southeastern province, they are still outsiders in the eyes of the locals.

  After a brief confrontation at the gate of the city, the nobles in the team also walked to the gate of the city one after another, as if to exert pressure.

   "The governor has ordered that no army be allowed to enter Beida City without the transfer order of the governor's mansion!

  Seeing that you are from northern Xinjiang and don’t know the rules of Beida City, I won’t hold you accountable this time. "

  The middle-aged officer guarding the city said righteously. It can be seen from the contemptuous expression that he is not very interested in the group of northern nobles in front of him.

   Originally, I just wanted to ask for an explanation, and I didn't plan to make trouble, but being provoked by the middle-aged officer, all the nobles of the Northland were instantly angered.

  But this anger came quickly, but it went away even faster. Everyone is not a fool, knowing that the other party intends to provoke them, naturally they will not jump into it foolishly.

  If it is really for such a trivial matter, there is an armed conflict with the defenders here, no matter how good the reason is, it will become unreasonable in the end.

  I saw a young man about 27 or 28 years old, walked up to the middle-aged officer and asked: "We are all nobles of the kingdom.

  The southeast province will be granted the order of the king, and now you are going to visit Governor Pierce. You are here to prevent you from entering. Could it be that you don’t pay attention to His Majesty the King and the Governor? "

  (end of this chapter)

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