“If you dare to attack the Holy Land, you will all die!!!”

The five old stars with the knife looked at the eyes of Shanks and the others, extremely crazy.

Almost, really almost, even they, will be killed.

“Less tm words, five old stars, right? I want to see what it is like to kill a five-old star, and whether it will be different from killing ordinary people. ”

Kaido looked at the eyes of the five old stars with the knife, full of interest.


Being looked at by Kaido with this kind of eyes, the face of the five old stars holding the knife instantly turned pale.

With his pampered strength, how could he possibly block the emperor on the sea? If you run into each other, won’t you be killed all at once?

“Since Kaido is interested in you, then the remaining one, leave it to me.”

Charlotte Lingling’s face also showed a dangerous smile, “I also want to see how the souls of the five old stars are different from ordinary people?” ”


Seeing Kaido and Charlotte Lingling staring at themselves, the two five old stars who originally had fierce expressions also suddenly became trembling.

Especially now, the five old stars are not fools, after discovering that there are no strong people from 037 coming out from among the flowers, they naturally realized that they were abandoned by Lord Im.

Then, the look in his eyes became even more desperate.

Once they are given up by Lord Im, what else can they have left?

There is nothing left.

“Bang! Bang! ”

The next moment, the two five old stars who were completely desperate were directly killed by Kaido and Charlotte Lingling, and directly turned into a blood mist.

“What, it turns out that the blood of the five old stars is also red?”

“It turns out that if the five old stars are killed, they will also die?”

Kaido and Charlotte Lingling also showed disdainful expressions at once after seeing this scene.

How much do they expect from them, thinking that the other party will be unusual, it turns out that it is just like this?

Subsequently, the golden lion and the others directly killed all the Draco in the holy land, and took a good breath.

“In other words, is it that simple? Isn’t that a little too smooth? ”

After disposing of the Draco, the golden lion and the others also fell into doubt, in other words, this is too smooth, right?

If it goes well, they must start to wonder if what they see is true?

“Pedal !!!”

Footsteps, at this moment, sounded.


Instantly, everyone looked in the direction where the voice came from, but after seeing the person coming, everyone was relieved.

The only person I’ve seen here is Barrett.

“Barrett, you’re also coming a little too slowly.”

Shanks looked at Barrett and also laughed and made a joke.

“No, it’s not slow at all, even the time is just right.”

Barrett shook his head, and then, looking at Whitebeard, a smile appeared on his face.


Being stared at by Barrett with such eyes, even the white-bearded man suddenly showed a dazed expression.

In other words, what does this mean? Why is Barrett this guy looking at him like that? And then still at him, showing such a smile?

What is this going to do?

“Last chance, Whitebeard, let’s fight to the death.”

Barrett walked up to Whitebeard with a maniacal smile on his face.


Instantly, the whitebeard who heard Barrett’s words was also stunned all of a sudden.

Then, he looked at Barrett in front of him with a strange expression.

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy.” (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Barrett shook his head.


Whitebeard wants to complain a lot, if not crazy, how can he make such a (cfbc) demand to come out?

“Don’t make trouble, Barrett, when this war returns, I will accompany you to fight again.”

Immediately, Whitebeard said to Barrett with a serious face.

Don’t look at this place now, what is the place?

“There is no more, Whitebeard, here is your grave today.”

The breath on Barrett’s body has become vicious.


Looking at Barrett’s appearance, realizing that the other party didn’t seem to be joking with a white beard, his brows couldn’t help but wrinkle, “Barrett, you should know, what is this place?” What is the purpose of our coming here? ”

“Of course I know.”

Barrett nodded, indicating that he naturally knew.

“So you still decide that?”

Whitebeard looked at Barrett’s eyes and became unkind.

“Today, all of you, it is impossible to leave here.”

Barrett said expressionlessly, and directly showed a very disdainful expression for the threat of Whitebeard and the others.


The faces of Charlotte Lingling and the others changed slightly.

“What do you mean?”

Whitebeard’s brow furrowed.

“It’s very simple, you don’t know what kind of strong people are in the Holy Land.”

Barrett said with a slight mockery, “That’s a strong man that all of you can’t match when you go up together, so you rushed here, didn’t you come to die?”

If that’s the case, what future do you have? ”

“All of us go up together, a strong man that can’t be matched?”

With Barrett’s words, in an instant, everyone’s hearts were inevitably flashed by Miller’s figure.

“Miller, the enemy of God?”

Shanks subconsciously said Miller’s name.

“No, not me.”

With Shanks’ voice, Miller’s voice also sounded, and he directly denied it.

“It’s not that I’m going to kill you all here, but the master here wants to dispose of all of you, the invaders.”

Explain it to myself by the way.

“Master here?”

“There is still a master in the Holy Land? Is it Draco? ”


With Miller’s words, even Shanks couldn’t help but show a trace of confusion in his eyes at this moment.

“Is it the Draco’s heritage?”

Shanks subconsciously thought of the hole card that Draco had in his hand, which was also the guarantee that Draco could stand in the Holy Land for so many years.

Besides, he really couldn’t think of any other possibilities.

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