As we arrived at a new hunting grounds, I decided to take a look at one of my Skills…


[Hero Seed: Lv1]

A Developing power within your very being. A Hero Seed will enhance your talent and learning speed of all kinds of Magic types and Martial Art types by +500%.

Your charm over people as a hero is great, and you have an easier time influencing people and growing friendlier to them through the natural charisma of a hero, Charisma increases by +500%.

Those who you create bonds with will receive a special benefit in their growth, as they will be catalogued as Hero's Companions. 

Additionally, you can sometimes awaken the [Heroic Potential] of a target with talent, allowing them to learn new innate abilities, magic, or skills.

Level Bonus (1): Increases All Stats of the Hero's Companions by +50%. Those who you've awakened their [Heroic Potential] can share a part of their strength with you, but it will only have 25% of its original power. 


This Skill in specific could help me awaken the Heroic Potential of my friends, except Luck and Aquarina because they're already Heroes. Though, I wonder how do I even use this? At the end, as we made our way to the Haunt in front of us named "Wild Beast Savannah", I talked with Alice about this.

"Oh you can use them like System Seeds, though to awaken their talents, you need to spend EXP." Said Alice. "The greater the talents, the more EXP they might require. Also, you can specify which talents you want to awaken, selecting what's best for someone based on their strengths."

"I see…" I nodded. "It is a pity it doesn't work with those that already have the Hero Seed."

"Yeah, a pity, but at the very least you can use me, the System for that." Alice said. "I know it might be a bit unfair to the rest of your friends, but giving a System Seed to Luck, who doesn't have much time to grow stronger would be ideal."

"Ugh… I guess you're right, it is worth the investment." I nodded, as I talked with her through telepathy as always. "I'll create it for now…"


[You have exchanged 900.000 EXP!]

[You have created a [System Seed]!]

With the System Seed inside of my Inventory, we waited until we reached down into the Savannah and then I asked Luck some time alone… I explained to Aquarina what I wanted to do beforehand so she wouldn't get suspicious.

"So what do you need?" He wondered. "Is your girlfriend not going to get angry if we're together here?"

"Don't worry." I smiled. "I'm here to give you something special, take this." I gave him the System Seed.

"A… metal cube?" He wondered.

"It is named System Seed…" I explained him everything the same way I did with Aquarina.

"A special power? Woah… So it is like a unique magic of yours. It can help me grow stronger?" He asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to give it to you as a little help." I nodded. "Aquarina also has one."

Luck seemed a bit prideful though and hesitated a bit at the beginning. 

"Getting a power so unfairly… That will help me grow stronger even more easily?" He sighed. "Well, after struggling for so long, it does feels nice…"

"Luck, instead of thinking that way, why don't you consider all the lives you'll be able to help if you become stronger faster?" I asked. "About Lara, who you need to protect now? This is not some pact with the devil either, you don't lose anything at all, nor I will suck away your power either… But if you don't trust me, then that's fine." I smiled.

"N-No, sorry for doubting…" Luck sighed. "You've saved my lives. I have no right to doubt you now… In our tribe, those that save our lives are precious family to us right away. You and everyone else… are my family, even if little time has passed since our meeting. Thanks, Sylphy. I'll take this power. It is not so different from my magic already, which was given by a goddess at the end… I'll use this power and make a difference."

"Good! That's the spirit!" I nodded.


The System Seed instantly melded into his body, blue circuits emerged across his body, as his powers were being decompressed and converged together into his soul. Everything came together as one.


[Luck] has acquired a System.]

[He has developed new Skills and a Job Class.]



[System Owner]: [Luck Blacktail]

[Magic Circle]: [Tier 1: Rank 8: Beast Rune Magic Circle]

[Physique]: [Tier 2: Rank 1: Apprentice Beast King Physique]

[Level]: [0/20]

[EXP]: [0/5000]

[Class]: [Wild Fighter] 

[Subclass]: [Creature Magician] 

[HP]: [1550/1550] 

[MP]: [4240/4240]

[Strength]: [1250]

[Defense]: [530]

[Magic]: [650]

[Resistance]: [550]

[Agility]: [1320]

[Luck]: [1000]

[Charm]: [700]

[Skills]: [Anima: Black Wolf Tribe: Lv1] [Divine Protection: Lv1] [Hunting: Lv1] [Keen Beast Senses: Lv1] [Butchering: Lv1] [Forager: Lv1] [Heavenly Divine Beast King: Lv1] [Divine Beast Transformation: Lv1] [Divine Beast Magic: Lv1] [Divine Beast Spirit Summon: Lv1] [Divine Beast Aura: Lv1]

[Divine Protections]: [Rhea, The Chief Goddess of Nature, Life, and Maternity] [Golden Tiger, Divine Beast King of Light] [??? (Yet to Awaken)] [??? (Yet to Awaken)] [??? (Yet to Awaken)]


Comparing his Stats to Aquarina and… Well, they're really low, he's quite the weak boy, isn't he? But his potential is immense, already with a lot of powerful Skills right away. He also has three other Divine Protections he has yet to awaken! What with this? 

I've never seen divine protection that need "awakening" to show up, this is new. It might be related to his way of growing stronger… Also his magic circle is very unique, imbued with "beast runes" I had never seen before.

The Hero of Wild Beasts' magic and skills are certainly very unique…

"Woah… I feel so different, it is like… It feels like I have finally discovered my power." Luck was amazed. "Thanks a lot, Sylph!" He hugged me tightly.

"A-Ah, glad I could help!" I said. "Now- Eep!"

And then, I noticed Aquarina's deadly glare coming from behind a tree, and I quickly threw Luck away.

"O-Okay, we're over here! Let's go hunt monsters!" 

"Eh? A-Alright…"


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