Reincarnated as the Son of Conglomerate

192 Loyalty is Only for The Dog (IV)

The gangsters looked at Klaus and Sheila with condescending smiles. Izzy moved her gauntlet, and her men prepared to attack. Dax flapped his arms, creating a magnetic field that disrupted his surroundings. Klaus felt the metal spheres in his hands tremble, as if they were sucked.

"Hide until the fight is over. It won't take long," Klaus said.

Sheila nodded her head as. As she ran out from the direction of the alley, a trash can shot towards her. Quickly, Klaus deflected the direction of the throw with manipulation.


Naturally, Sheila looked down while holding her head. Looking back, she saw that the trash can was destroyed with its contents scattered.

"Don't think you can run, Sheila." Izzy threatened, her eyes sharp.

"Please, fight me first," Klaus replied sarcastically. "If you can beat me, you can do anything to her."

Izzy squinted. "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope. I'm dead serious."

"Son of a bitch"


Suddenly, the battle began as Izzy unleashed her first attack. The energy projectile from his gauntlet shot towards Klaus, but quickly, Klaus dodged them by jumping to the side. At the same time,Dax raised his staff, sending all the metal objects flying into the sky above.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Trash cans, culvert lids, lampposts, and anything else that could be affected by magnetic fields; they fell like meteors down to earth. However, those attacks did not stop Klaus. Manipulating the metal elements, he deftly redirected them, keeping them a mere ten inches from him.

"Damn! How could he do that?" muttered Dax, gritting his teeth.

While Klaus was defending, some of the gangsters joined the fray, recklessly advancing on Klaus despite the cascade of objects from above. Watching them drew closer, Klaus simply grinned. He moved his finger slightly, and the falling metal objects turned towards them.

Bam! Bam! Bam!


The gangsters fell before they reached their targets. Some were crushed by trash cans, and some were hit by poles.

"You idiots! What the fuck are you doing!?"

Witnessing the carelessness of her men, Izzy screamed at them.

She unleashed an energy attack from her gauntlet for the second time. The buildings around them were destroyed by the shockwave, creating flying dust and debris. Klaus stopped resisting Dax's attacks, jumping between the ruins and dodging the energy waves chasing him.

At that moment, Klaus had an opportunity to strike back. He leapt into the air and reached into his pocket. Four metal pieces shot quickly towards Izzy. The gangster leader dodged quickly, sliding from point to point. However, the speed of the metal spheres proved to be overwhelming. 

"Dax!" Izzy shouted angrily.

"I'm trying!"

Izzy could help but grit his teeth.

They were currently using mystic-grade arcana. The gauntlet that enveloped her hand had the effect of increasing her usage stat by 500% and doubling her damage output. 

While the staff Dax used was able to strengthen elemental affinity by 300%. Klaus shouldn't be able to use the metal-metal sphere in the magnetic field. 

They were truly superior. Not to mention the artificial arcana used by their men. This battle should have been easy to win. But strangely, they were the ones being pushed back.

"Either my men are too stupid or this damn kid is too strong, it really doesn't make sense."

Izzy growled in annoyance through her teeth.

The commotion of the fight began to echo out of the alley. On the streets, people began to wonder what was going on in the alley. Some started calling the police.

Ten minutes had passed since the fight started. Klaus was getting tired of Izzy and his men.

"I think that's enough," he muttered.

As Izzy and his men launched a relentless attack, their enemy suddenly disappeared from sight. Frowning, they looked for where Klaus had gone.

"Look at that!" one of the gangsters shouted.

Soaring through the air, Klaus darted down and with a precise palm strike, he hit Izzy right in the chest. 


The gangster leader, unprepared for the attack, was knocked back a few meters, her consciousness slightly shaken. She was completely shocked. It never crossed her mind that Klaus had such a powerful punch.

Just as Izzy took a hit, Klaus darted at her and launched a flurry of punches.



Izzy tried to restrain herself, but every punch that landed on her body was like being hit with a mace.

Taking a deep breath, Klaus accumulated mana into his hands.


Izzy was flung into the air. The glittering gauntlet was thrown away from her hand, making a loud thud as she hit the wall. The woman collapsed, losing consciousness.

The gangsters dropped their jaws. They couldn't believe what had just happened.

"You idiots, what are you doing? Don't do nothing!" Dax shouted.

However, they were still frozen. If the boss was defeated so easily, what about them?

"What are you afraid of? I'm here!" Dax snapped. He was really angry.

Inevitably, the gangsters rushed at Klaus while gulping.

After defeating Izzy, Klaus turned his attention to Dax.  Swiftly, he darted, passing through the horde of gangsters and penetrating the magnetic field that was now out of control. Dozens of objects flew in irregular directions, but Klaus dodged them with ease.

"Damn it!" Dax muttered in frustration. None of his attacks hit the target.

Capitalizing on his opponent's emotional instability, Klaus approached Dax quickly. With one sudden kick, he threw the green-haired man into the alley wall. Dax collapsed; his powerful magnetic force having become meaningless.

As Klaus got back to his feet, he looked at the remaining gangsters with a mocking smile.

"Your bosses have already lost. You guys still want to fight me?" he provoked.

That simple sentence made them freeze in fear. Not knowing what to do, they looked at each other, compromising on what they should do to the powerful monster before them.

"Fuck off! Attack him!" One gangster shouted. 

The other gangsters twisted their faces as they watched one of them charge forward.  But they decided to join that guy in the end.

"Idiots," Klaus muttered, shaking his head.

Like people who had lost their minds, they shouted as they charged at Klaus. These people knew they couldn't fight the monster before them. They were just desperate to do so.

"Get him! Avenge our boss!"

Walking casually, Klaus hit each person who came to attack him. 

Bam! Bam! Bam! Two people were thrown into the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Five people were knocked to the ground.

Bam! Bam! Bam! A dozen people crashed to the ground.

The gangsters were distraught, watching their friends fall so easily. One by one, they were defeated with just one blow.


"Damn it! He really is a monster!"

"Grab your fucking guns! Don't go near him!"

They quickly discarded their arcana and grabbed their holstered pistols. Watching what they did, Klaus squinted.

"What the fuck. I gave them arcana, and they use that crappy gun instead," he muttered, shaking his head.


Gunshot echoed in the alley. Dozens of hot bullets shot towards Klaus. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"What the-?! No way!?"

The gangsters were wide-eyed. None of their shots hit Klaus. Even though he didn't move an inch from his position.

"How did it go? Are you satisfied yet? Now it's my turn."

Naturally, the gangsters gulped.

In an instant, Klaus launched himself at the gangsters and pummeled them one by one. Spinning kicks, deadly punches, and accurate martial arts moves left the gangsters lying helpless on the ground. Their faces reflected confusion and panic as Klaus beat them down with his overwhelming strength.

The battle entered its final round, and the remaining gangsters trembled in fear in the corner. Some were even peeing their pants. Klaus stood in the middle of them, his eyes glaring.

"Now, get the fuck out of my sight before I kill you all."

Instantly, those small fries ran away. Klaus really instilled terror in them.

"Looks like I'm softening up," he muttered. "If it were me, you'd be dead already."

A sigh escaped his mouth.

After the battle was over, silence fell over the alley. 

Klaus heard a voice. His eyes roamed in various directions. In the midst of dozens of gangsters lying unconscious, Zee hid behind an overturned trash can.

A grin bloomed on his face. Then, he drew close to her.

"Why? Why are you doing this for me?" Zee asked, her lips trembling.

Klaus chuckled. "Well, just consider yourself lucky. I have many plans for you."

Naturally, Zee frowned. He could see the hidden intentions behind the man's eyes.

In the middle of their youthful conversation, the presence of someone distracted them. It was Sheila, his faithful secretary, appeared out of the blue.


Suddenly, Sheila hugged him. Klaus was a little surprised, but he let her himself in her arms and returned them warmly. After releasing the hug, Sheila looked at Klaus with soulful eyes.

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