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End of the testimonials! ! !

It took two months to write a finale.

Everyone is definitely not satisfied with this ending, and in fact the author is not satisfied either.

But what to say.

Science and technology novels, if the background is urban, the earth is invincible, so there is really nothing to write.

Originally, the author also wanted to write an interstellar chapter.

But in reality, it's completely unnecessary because no one is watching.

So after two months of procrastination, the author thought about it and just finished the book.

Nothing to write about.

As a flutter, the author is already very excited that a book can achieve such results.

To be honest.

When the book was uploaded, the author only had an outline of 500,000 words.

In other words, it cannot be regarded as an outline, but only a main line of thinking.

This can be written to 800,000 words, which is already the author's super performance.


Thank you all for your support in making this book what it is.

This achievement has completely exceeded the author's own level, and the author who made it is a little swollen now.

I hope the next book doesn't rush too hard.

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