Match Point

Chapter 1847: 1 paper manifesto


The bottom line is high pressure and the shot is strong.

Gao Wen showed no mercy at all. He stood on the baseline and completed a forehand shot, which was equivalent to a first-zone serve, hitting the ball with high pressure along the diagonal.

Boom, boom boom boom.

Vigorous and mighty, it traverses the entire court, comparable to a serve, and the naked eye can hardly catch the trajectory of a tennis ball.


Across the court, Agut not only did not panic, but was also highly focused and faintly excited.


It's a crisis, but it's also an opportunity.

Agut accurately predicted Gao Wen's high-voltage line on the bottom line. After all, in such a position, the risk of choosing a straight line is too high, and a diagonal line is a high probability event.

Like a serve from the outside corner.

Therefore, Agut's body center of gravity was ready, showing his keen sense of defense, and he was already in place smoothly in two steps.

Forehand, open, just like drawing a bow to shoot a eagle.

Kick off your right leg, and the power is transmitted from the sole of the foot along the turning movement, and then the forehand is already facing forward.

Home run pose.

The entire turning movement, the entire swinging movement, the entire forward movement, the speed of the racket head is completely increased, and the racket is pushed with force.

straight line.

Hit the wall.


With a crisp hitting sound, Agut seized the opportunity to completely reverse the situation. The previous forehand ball was the key, but this forehand straight shot was aimed at the winning point. Agut was not satisfied with switching to defense. In order to attack, he needs to win this point, he needs to save this break point.


Agut also exerted his strength.

A tennis ball flies in a straight line at a faster speed.


Even Gao Wen’s fans have to applaud Agut. Facing Gao Wen’s high baseline pressure, this shot is not just about boldness and risk. His delicate touch and precise control are definitely top-notch. , from disadvantage to balance of power and then to advantage, it is indeed an instant change.

The tennis ball turned into a stream of light, aiming at the big triangle on Gawain's left baseline and flying like a long arrow aiming at the red heart.

Cutting through the sky.

In the blink of an eye, Gawain, who had been attacking continuously just now, had fallen into a state of passive defense and turned into a blue light and shadow, moving across the field in a mighty manner.

tread. Tap tap tap.

The speed is very fast, riding on the Hot Wheels, the speed has been increased to the extreme -

At this time, it was the most severe test for Gawain's right ankle.

But judging from Gawain's moving figure, there was no impact for the time being, and no hesitation or hesitation could be felt at all.

In the blink of an eye, Gawain had already arrived. Judging from his vision, Gawain should be able to arrive smoothly, but then Gawain made an unexpected move.

With a kick of his right leg, his left leg rushed out.

Slide step.

Although the crisis was difficult, it should not have reached the point where he had to slide. However, Gawain chose to slide, showing his determination to win.

Sliding and rushing, the distance was compressed and the time was compressed, giving himself a precious moment of breathing time.

Then, he faced him head-on with a two-handed backhand.



It’s not about borrowing your strength, but taking the initiative to exert your strength.

"Strength VS Power".

Gawain used the power of his backhand with both hands to eat up the power of Agut's shot, and completed the push counterattack, knocking the tennis ball back in an instant.


The whole audience gasped.

Agut attacked beautifully, but he did not expect that Gawain attacked boldly.

Each beat was stronger than the last, and each beat was more exciting than the last. Louis Armstrong Stadium fell into a state of shock in an instant, and all sounds disappeared.

One second ago, people were amazed at Agut's smooth transition between offense and defense.

The next second, people were shocked by how wonderful Gawain turned the situation around. Obviously, the pressure exerted by Agut's offense on Gawain was not enough.

Agut was in a very embarrassed state. He expected that Gawain would not disarm easily, but he did not expect that Gawain would actually be able to launch a counterattack on the spot.

This shot easily overturned all his efforts in the previous two shots, and then he was in defensive trouble again.


Running all the way.

Running forgetfully.

Agut sprinted from the right end of the court towards the left end with all his strength, his body entered an anaerobic state, he had no distracting thoughts and just ran with all his strength.

Then, you can see the difference in ball quality.

The same shot came from Agut, and Gawain not only caught up with it, but also launched a counterattack; when it came from Gawain, Agut was a little reluctant.

Not just because of the differences in anticipation, speed, footwork, etc., but also the different situations created by the pressure from the opponent's hitting.

Agut's speed has reached its extreme, but it's still a little short of it.

One kick.

Agut also slipped.

Gawain's sliding step is for counterattack, while Agut's sliding step is a real defense.

The backhand with both hands was at the extreme position of the body and he barely blocked the shot. Agut could clearly feel that the muscles in his calves, thighs, and arms had all been stretched to the extreme. He could see it in his sight before he even had time to adjust his center of gravity and resume his movements. To the figure of Gawain entering the bottom line.


The tennis ball's parabola rose.


Agut shouted something bad.

Another difference between Agut and Agut is that Agut likes to be on the bottom line, while Gao Wen's frequency of entering the bottom line has increased sharply since the grass court season.

As long as he seizes the opportunity, Gao Wen will go directly to the bottom line.

A big step.

Two giant strides.

In the blink of an eye, Gao Wen had already reached the midfield and took the initiative to meet Agut's defensive return.

Agut deliberately pulled up the parabola slightly, trying to pull the tennis ball into the deep baseline area through top spin as much as possible, trying to copy the previous baseline moon ball, and limit Gao Wen's offense through such a return.

But this time, Gao Wen seized the opportunity and entered the baseline immediately. Even before the tennis ball landed, Agut's tactical intention was completely broken.

Come forward.


Gawain didn't even wait for the tennis ball to hit the ground. He volleyed it in the air and hit it with his forehand like a slap in the face.


A roar erupted from the depths of his dantian, and his passion and dominance were released without reservation.

The power is released in layers.

Agut stood up reflexively, refused to give up, and tried to continue to defend. However, as soon as he stood up and his shaky center of gravity had not had time to adjust, he realized that there was no chance of this ball.

Agut moved slightly to the right for two steps, stared at the flight path of the tennis ball, and finally watched helplessly as the tennis ball fell towards his forehand gap.


The energy ripples, layer by layer.

With an absolutely strong and domineering attitude, UU Reading www. brings this point to an end.

Gawain seized the first break point with an unparalleled gesture.


In the center of the stadium, there was a fierce roar. Gawain clenched his fists and roared to the sky. His bright eyes shone with perseverance and passion.

He stared at the sweating Agut on the other side of the court intently, and did not continue to roar or make any more unnecessary movements. He just clenched his fists and stared. However, the energy bursting out of this look showed Gawain's belief and determination.

This is a declaration.

Obviously, Gao Wen knows how difficult this game is, and he also knows his own situation, but he is not prepared to take it lightly. As long as he sets foot on the court, he will fight to the end, until the last drop of blood.

Also burned out.

In the first game, it was Gawain's attitude!

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