Chapter 9 Two beggars! Prince Bei Ming!

"Someone come! Jiang

Biehe spoke.

The next moment, four people dressed as slaves appeared in the hall.

"You carry the young master back to the room"


The four people nodded.

Then the four people carried Jiang Yulang back to the room.

Soon, only Jiang Biehe was left in the hall.

Jiang Biehe's face was as gloomy as water. He never expected that there was someone in the Jiangnan area. Dare to hurt his son!

Such a cruel and decisive attack!

After Jiang Yulang was carried back, Jiang Biehe took a look. His meridians were damaged and his bones were broken. He was completely disabled and would never be able to practice martial arts for the rest of his life!!

In Jiangbie Crane saw this and it was clearly a slap in the face.

"It seems that I, Jiang Biehe, have pretended to be a good guy for too long. I heard from Lang'er that this person's name is Chu Ming... This person can defeat Yulang who is in the innate realm at such an age. I'm afraid his strength should not be underestimated. Maybe there is a certain sect behind it. Family, you need to do a thorough investigation beforehand and find out the details of the other party,"

Jiang Biehe murmured in a low voice with a serious look.

He, Jiang Biehe, is not a person without any brains. If the other party is really behind the scenes. He cannot offend a large sect family.

If he angers the forces behind this person, then the family business he has been running for a long time may be in vain.

This is what Jiang Biehe does not want to see.

He finally changed his appearance and worked hard After doing business, he gained a reputation as a Jiangnan hero in the world of martial arts. Jiang Biehe naturally didn’t want everything to be wasted just because he didn’t handle the matter well!!

"If the other party doesn't have any background to back him up, it won't be too late for me to take action at that time."

Jiang Biehe thought.

There was a glint in his eyes.


And at this time.

The other side.

In a restaurant.

In the corner of the second floor, a young man in green shirt looked at the passers-by outside.

Then he picked up the wine glass and sipped the wine.

Besides Chu Ming, who else could it be?

After saying goodbye to A'Zhu, Chu Ming saw that it was already noon.

I happened to be a little hungry, so I found the Songfeng Restaurant in front of me!!

As a person involved, Chu Ming did not know everything that happened in Jiang Mansion.

If he knew it, Chu Ming would definitely laugh endlessly and not be afraid at all!!

He didn't kill Jiang Yulang because he had his own considerations.

It would be much more satisfying to reduce Jiang Yulang to a useless person than to kill him directly.

However, given Jiang Yulang's character, Chu Ming believed that he would not give up so easily.

He will definitely be more jealous after returning, but even so, Chu Ming doesn't care!!

It’s good that Jiang Biehe is smart. If he is not smart and comes to his door, Chu Ming will naturally not show mercy and will definitely kill him!!

"I tell you, you are just looking down on others. You are lucky that I can enter your restaurant."

And just when Chu Ming was thinking about it, a noisy voice came from outside the restaurant door, which caught his attention.

"go! Go, go... The beggars from there, don’t even look at where this place is. Songfeng Restaurant, the best restaurant in Gusu City, is not a place you two beggars can enter. Why are you pretending to be a master? Are you leaving? You're welcome if you say so!!"

Outside the door, two waiters hurriedly drove away, covering their noses from time to time for fear of being infected by the smell of the two beggars.

On the second floor, Chu Ming followed the sound.

He saw two people outside the restaurant door. There were two people dressed in rags and rags.

One of them, older, was carrying a long bag wrapped in a long tattered cloth on his back. His gapped teeth were particularly obvious in the sun. Behind him, he was holding a hand. A very thin horse!

The other person looked like a young man. Although his clothes were ragged, Chu Ming noticed that the other person's eyes were unusually clear, his face was handsome, and he had a noble temperament that came out of him.

The two of them. At a glance, Chu Ming knew that they were a pair of master and servant.

And when Chu Ming saw the two of them for the first time, looking at their clothes, he already knew their identities!!

"interesting! Unexpectedly, not long after setting foot in the world, I would meet Bei Ming Crown Prince Xu Fengnian and Jian Jiuhuang in Gusu City of the Song Dynasty!!"

Chu Ming whispered in a deep voice.

That's right! With such appearance, who else could be other than Xu Fengnian and Jianjiuhuang who were traveling from Beiming...

But seeing Xu Fengnian, Chu Ming couldn't help but think of another person.

That was Human Massacre——Xu Xiao!!

He joined the army at the age of ten and killed countless enemies on the battlefield!

Although his martial arts cultivation is only at the level of a master, it is an existence that scares countless people in many dynasties and rivers and lakes!!

However, perhaps others face it Xu Xiao would be afraid of being slaughtered, but Chu Ming was not afraid at all!!

"Second brother, let two people come up. These two, please come down!"

At this time, Chu Ming stood up and spoke to the waiter.

Then he turned to Xu Fengnian and said:

"You two, I happen to be drinking alone. Since we can meet here, it's fate. I wonder if you two would like to drink together?!"

"This young master is what I want!"

"Lao Huang, did you see that someone invited us two to have dinner and drinks? Why are you still standing there? Hurry up.……"

Xu Fengnian smiled slightly at Lao Huang's lips.

The two waiters from the previous store didn't say much when they saw this.

Although I feel somewhat reluctant, there is no other way

"Why! I said, you, the waiter in the shop, have no eyesight at all. What are you doing? Why don't you quickly lead the way? You didn't hear this young master inviting us up."

Xu Fengnian put his hands behind his back and said to a waiter outside the door.

"you you……"

The waiter in the shop was unhappy and couldn't help but mutter in his heart.

What is this thing called? These two beggars really think they are masters, relying on their power!!

But after all, it was difficult to show it, so he said to the two of them:"Okay! You two come with me!"


Xu Fengnian and the two came to the second floor.

When Xu Fengnian saw Chu Ming, he was stunned for the first time.

He never thought there was someone more handsome than him in the world!

Of course, what’s more important is...Chu Ming’s temperament!

Elegant and free from dust, it gives Xu Fengnian an extraordinary feeling!!

"Thank you very much, sir!"

Xu Fengnian cupped his hands and said,

"No problem! It's just a trivial matter, and it's a fate to meet my brother."

Chu Ming waved his hand and said calmly.

Then, Chu Ming said to the waiter:"Second brother, find me a private room!"

After that, he took out two taels of silver and threw it to the waiter.

"Come on... this young man!"



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