"Important matter?"

Xiao Longnu was curious.

"It was this time that I came to the Sui Dynasty Jianghu not only for the Secret of Immortality, but also for the treasure trove of Duke Yang and the relics of the Evil Emperor!"

Chu Ming nodded and spoke slowly.

The Secret of Immortality is the key to unlocking Duke Yang's treasure house. In addition to countless gold and silver treasures, there are also the evil emperor's relics that countless people in the world are fighting for.!!

Although Chu Ming has many martial arts skills, the Evil Emperor's relics are of little use to him, but it does not mean that he does not need them. Such treasures are enough for him to enjoy even if they are placed in the system space and appreciated from time to time.

"Yang Gong’s treasury, the evil emperor’s relics!"

Huang Xuemei looked stunned and said slowly:"Sir, I have heard about this evil emperor's relic. I heard that each generation of demon sect saints poured their life's skills into it before they died, and it contains the relics of several generations of demon kings. Skill, become a holy relic in the Demon Sect!!"

Chu Ming nodded when he heard this:"Not bad! It is this thing. Everyone only knows that the Secret of Immortality is a strange skill, but very few people know that the Secret of Immortality is the key to opening Yang Gong's treasure house, let alone the evil emperor's relic!"

"I didn't expect that there is such a secret about the secret of longevity. This is the first time I heard about it. 10" Xiaolongnu said

"The previous generation of Evil Emperor Xiang Yutian relied on the Evil Emperor's relics to absorb the essence, and his cultivation level was extremely rapid. He even lived for hundreds of years. If he was still alive in the world, his current cultivation level would have reached To a terrible point!"

Chu Ming said calmly

"Unexpectedly, this Evil Emperor's relic is so terrifying. In addition to increasing people's cultivation, it also has the effect of extending lifespan!!"After hearing this, Xiao Longnu's pretty face was surprised. This was the first time she heard this.

When she heard Chu Ming tell some secrets about the world, Xiao Longnu looked at Chu Ming like a little fangirl, full of admiration!!

And these Of course, Chu Ming, who is a time traveler, probably knows something about the secret. Although many destiny trajectories in this world have changed slightly, there are still many similarities!!

For example, the Secret of Immortality

"Young Master, someone is coming towards us."

At this time, Huang Xuemei's beautiful eyes turned cold, revealing a fierce murderous intent.

"No problem!"

Chu Ming nodded.

He naturally noticed all the disturbances within a radius of dozens of miles around him.

Chu Ming clearly felt that this person's cultivation level was not low!

But at this moment, the breath of the visitor was a little weak and even said It's chaos!!

And behind this person, Chu Ming also sensed that there was a large group of cavalry wearing black black armor chasing after him.

"Could it be her?"

As he pondered, a name quickly emerged in Chu Ming's mind.

Fu Junma!!

A disciple of the Korean Yijian master Fu Cailin, he learned Fu Cailin's true heritage!!

In the original world, this woman was also pursued by Yu Wenhua and Killing and injuring the meridians, he met Shuanglong Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, and they exchanged martial arts skills and became the godmother of Shuanglong!!

"What a coincidence!"

Chu Ming said solemnly.

On the other side,

Fu Junma's breath was weak, and she was holding on to the true energy in her body, trying to avoid Yu Wenhuaji's pursuit, but the other party was staring at her like a vicious dog. She chased them for hundreds of miles.

She originally wanted to take back the longevity secret in Shilong's hand, but she didn't expect to encounter Yu Wenhuaji in the middle. As a result, after a fight between the two sides, Yu Wenhuaji injured her meridians. With the scene in front of me

"hateful! Damn it.....Could it be that I, Fu Junma, am going to die here?"

Fu Junma was sad.

Thinking that the task assigned to her by her master Fu Cailin had not been completed, she felt awe-inspiring. She was about to activate the innate power of true energy in her body, but suddenly her eyes lit up and she looked at a carriage not far away. He said with great joy:

"Very good! I didn't expect there was anyone here."

I saw Fu Junma's figure flashing, heading towards the direction of the carriage quickly.

But the next moment, Fu Junma couldn't help but look surprised.

The carriage actually stopped. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

It seems that the owner of the carriage , waiting for her!!

"not good!"

Fu Junma saw the strange scene in front of her, and her thoughts were agitated. But now, with Yu Wenhuaji chasing after her, she didn't have much energy left.

Fu Junma seemed to have lost all her strength, and her eyes suddenly went dark.


Fu Junma’s strength is not good enough


After saying that, Chu Ming took a step forward, and with a flash of figure, he slowly picked up Fu Junma and placed her slowly on the carriage.

Looking at the beautiful woman in his arms, it was just as Chu Ming had thought before. , this person is none other than Fu Junma!!

Even Chu Ming did not expect to meet Fu Junma here!

"Xuemei, Longer, take good care of this person! Chu

Ming spoke.

After hearing this, Huang Xuemei and Xiao Longnu nodded.

"Just right! I haven't moved my muscles for a long time, so I can practice with you ants!"

Chu Ming said with a serious look.

Soon... a group of cavalry wearing black black armor appeared in front of Chu Ming. The leader of them was a man with a majestic figure, slender hands and feet, an ancient face, and a cold look. A pair of The 240-year-old middle-aged man has a deep and unpredictable look in his eyes, which gives people the impression of being cold and ruthless, but he also has a shocking and domineering look!

This man is naturally none other than Yu Wenhuaji!

Yu Wenhuaji glanced at Chu Ming, He said calmly:"Boy, who are you? If you dare to stop me, Yuwen Clan, from doing something, I advise you to hand over that woman obediently, otherwise you will be shot without mercy!!"

"Yuwen Clan, who do you think you are? They are just a bunch of fish and ants! How dare you bark in front of me!!"

Chu Ming put his hands behind his back and looked indifferent. He didn't even look at Yu Wenhuaji.

"Arrogant boy! you wanna die!"

Yu Wenhuaji's eyes turned cold, and a terrifying murderous intention burst out from his eyes.

"Sir, why do you need to kill such an arrogant boy yourself? Just leave it to me."At this time, Yu Wenhua and a guard beside him hurriedly spoke.


The corners of Chu Ming's mouth were cold, and he raised a hint of meaning. The next moment, a finger shot out of the air, and before the black-armored cavalry guard had time to react, it was directly pierced through the body.

Everything happened in a flash of lightning.

At this moment, looking at the body of the bodyguard beside him, Yu Wenhuaji couldn't help but look horrified. Just now, he didn't see the other party take action at all, but he could easily kill the peak innate warrior with just a finger. This couldn't help but make Yu Wenhuaji's expression... Get serious........

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