The misfortune disappeared, and even the "soul sacrifice" brought with it disappeared.

Xia Ge lowered his head, and a dilapidated puppet fell on the ground.

She picked up the puppet.

What people see is different from what Xia Ge and Gu Peijiu see.

What they saw was that the man who was holding the Bahuang flute and was exactly the same as Xia Ge had quarreled with Xia Ge. Then the man seemed to be annoyed. He played the flute and rushed over with countless puppets. Ge a sickle slashed to the ground, the puppets and evil spirits turned into dust, and blood was splashed all over the ground.

Then it turned into a dilapidated puppet.

For a time, people have different eyes.

This puppet holds the Bahuang flute, and can pretend to be someone else to summon evil spirits and puppets...?


Toge's eyes widened, a little crazy: "No...impossible! You all deserve to die! All of you deserve to die here—you—"

Before he could finish his words, he felt a sharp pain in his chest!

His voice stopped abruptly, his eyes burst, staring at the person in front of him.

Ye Ze stood in front of him, and the sword of the sky penetrated his chest without mercy.

"You are the only one who will die here." The young man's voice was indifferent, his eyes were filled with hatred, "No one else."

Chang Lan exclaimed: "Father!!"

"Ye Ze!!" Chang Nian gritted his teeth, "What are you doing?! Don't be too much!!"

The answer to him was a sword light that broke the barrier.

After a pause, Ye Ze lowered his eyes, inexplicably thinking of what the silly boy had said a long time ago.

"You can't always live in hatred."

He also said.

"Aze, people always have to look forward."

If he killed him.

Under the cold and desolate sword light, Ye Ze's eyes were icy, and he let go of his hand.

...He will watch him fall in ruin.

Looking at him, I can't get up anymore.

The enchantment was broken, and Chang Lan stepped forward to help Chang Blade up, but was stopped by someone.

The soul sacrifice disappeared, and people who realized later would naturally settle their accounts after the autumn.

Ye Ze's lips curled up with a sneer, "After all, I'm also waiting to see him ruined."

Chu Yi supported Chu Yao without stopping, just looking at Xia Ge from a distance, in the dark apricot eyes, a bit of nostalgia, and a bit of indescribable sadness.

The people next to him gradually surrounded him. Gu Peijiu's eyes flashed, and he felt that this place shouldn't stay for a long time. He picked up the lost Xia Ge, and nodded to Chu Yi from a distance. There was no shadow in Hongling's flying dance room in a blink of an eye.

"Hey, how did you go?!"

"That's Gu Peijiu from Danfeng! I know her—the last time Qunying asked me to go too—"

"Bah! You are so embarrassed to mention it! The head hit is not the head or the head."

"Hey, who was beaten, am I not too lazy..."

"Stop talking, what happened just now, why are there two little demon girls?"

"...Could it be..."


My brother is gone.

Su Chan honored what she said, and the person she loved by Chu Yi...

Chu Yi was slightly lost.

"...What do you think."

A slightly hoarse voice rang in his ears.

Chu Yi regained his senses, looking at Mr. Chang and his son who were surrounded by people not far away. The whole person was silent for a while, and said: "Sister."

Chu Yao's voice was lazy, with some exhaustion and joy, "Well, it's there."

The enchantment of the wind city disappeared, and the sky was a clear blue. Chu Yi looked at the sky for a while, but didn't know what to say.

In the end, she could only help Chu Yao, picked up the sword spike on the ground, and gently put it into her hand.

"That person is gone."

The sword ear is very soft.

With too much blood loss, half of her arm has lost consciousness, and the corner of Chu Yao's mouth evokes a wanton arc, "Well, I know."

Chu Yi wanted to say something, but she was abruptly blindfolded by a hand.

The powerful spiritual power spread everywhere, carrying the soul power, and the fragments of the dead butterfly remnants began to tremble slightly.

Chu Yi's body shook slightly.

The butterfly fragments scattered because of the self-detonation trembled and began to condense.

In the end, it turned into a butterfly with fluttering wings, floating gently to Chu Yi's fingertips.

His eyes were blocked, but Chu Yi could still see the gentle appearance of the butterfly clearly in the pitch black by relying on his soul-only a little different from before, the butterfly that had been incomplete had a soul.

Relying on her own strength to repair the butterfly, Chu Yao's breath is obviously weaker, the hand blocking her eyes slides weakly, her eyes are bright, Chu Yao's voice is slightly tired, "Sheng..."

Before she finished speaking, she leaned her head on Chu Yi's shoulder and fell asleep silently.

Chu Yi was startled and wanted to say something, but her lips moved, but she couldn't say anything.

So many years of discord and hatred cannot be resolved in one go.

She hates this person, hate has become a habit, hate has become instinct.

One day suddenly like this...

The girl silently helped her, her long eyelashes dropped slightly.

The maids who had been sacrificed by the soul had also recovered their sanity. Seeing Chu Yao leaning against Chu Yi like this, she was shocked and wanted to come over to help her. Chu Yi's eyes swept away and she put her hands back.

Many people wanted to ask about Chu Yi’s situation, but they were stopped by the maids. Chu Yi’s voice was still soft. Don't worry..."

When she said these words, the corners of her lips still had a calm and gentle smile, hiding the dimness and confusion deep in her eyes, as if nothing had happened, "Because some of Patriarch Chang..."

She paused, and sighed slightly, with a particularly regretful look, "The marriage between the Chang family and the Chu family ends here, and I will spread the world."

Ye Ze was watching, and when Chu Yi finished speaking, he stepped forward and walked over.

People whispered a bit, and spontaneously gave him a way.

Chu Yi saw him, stopped, and thought for a while, holding Chu Yao with one hand, and holding the other hand, the ghost dragon jade without the dragon horn was in his hand.

"Are you here to ask for this?" Chu Yi said quietly, "After borrowing for so many days, it is indeed time to return it."

Ye Ze shook his head, "Take this one."

Chu Yi raised her eyebrows slightly.

He looked at her quietly and said, "Take it as a thank you."

As for what to thank, it is tacit understanding.

After all, the Glory of the Sky was used by Chu Yi to secretly assist him in obtaining it with Baiguiku. It's just that Chu Yi was hiding from him at the time, but he didn't expect that he still knew.

Chu Yi paused and said, "Then I'm better off being respectful."

After being polite, Chu Yi turned around to leave, his steps slightly anxious.

Ye Ze's voice suddenly appeared in his ears, which was a secret transmission.

"You can use Ghost Dragon Jade to protect yourself just now, why not take it out?"

You obviously don't trust her, don't like her, hate her, but why do you have to stand behind her?

What are you worrying about now?

Chu Yi's footsteps stopped.

After a while, she turned her head and smiled slightly.



Maybe, maybe just want to know.

The feeling of being protected by relatives.

What is it like?

Or is it……

Give yourself a reason to let go of hatred and prejudice.

The gentle silver butterfly flew up again, Chu Yi supported Chu Yao, and slowly disappeared to the end of Ye Ze's sight.

Ye Ze paused, looked down at the golden sword in his hand, and asked in a low voice, "Do you think that person can forgive me?"

The sword of the sky buzzed twice, seeming to disdain to answer his naive question.

Ye Ze pursed his lips, but couldn't help but bend his eyes slightly.

The parting of the old man is indeed melancholy.

But it's okay.

As long as you live, there will always be opportunities.

Whether it is a mortal or a god.

He raised his head slightly and looked in the direction where the red **** was leaving. The sky above his head was clear. Looking at it, people couldn't help but brighten up.


The sky is clear and clear.

The light of Su Chan's Pure Spirit Pearl rolled over this vast fertile soil, and while becoming a true god, it purged the resentful spirits of this land and sent them into reincarnation.

Since then, Fengyue has no more evil ghosts.

The **** of misfortune becomes the past, and the light of the **** of good fortune will always illuminate this vast land, bringing eternal peace and tranquility.

After the Chang family's battle, the various schools and factions boiled for a while.

"Have you heard? Back then, the Ye family in Gucheng was the Chang family colluding with the Demon Cult..."

"I've heard it a long time ago! That old man is really shameless!"

"It seems that he has been punished and imprisoned by [rank], and his reputation is ruined...Really, he has snatched the Glory of the Sky if it is of any use. I heard that the Glory of the Sky only recognizes the blood of the Ye family."

"Puff, the blood of the Ye family? I'm afraid it's the blood of Lao Tzu who is the king of heaven. It's hard to recognize it?

"I didn't admit it? How did you put it on?"

"To put it nicely... called a temporary loan?"

"Hahaha, just be poor."

"But there are indeed so many things that happened that day... Not to mention that bad old man, do you know about the Evil Spirit Mountain?"

"Ah! The old Danfeng palm order? That little demon girl?"

"Yes... I heard that she was not the one who released the evil spirits."

"What? Who is she?"

"The puppet made by the people of the Demon Cult to make her recognize her identity, using her identity to release evil spirits from the evil spirit mountain..."

"Are you nonsense? Recognize your identity? What kind of identity is so tortuous?"

"Don't you know, it was the old man's fault in the Chang family... back then..."

After this person explained what happened that year vividly, the other person suddenly said, "You mean, the little palmling doesn't know who he is? After the demon cult found someone, he wanted to treat him..."

"Of course, think about it, that Xia Wuyin is not just a little priest-Dan Feng's commander, that is the only earth-level alchemist in the entire Fengyue Continent! Who doesn't want it?"

"That's the same...but anyway, she is always Qin Yue's daughter."

"But the tide of evil spirits seems to have been calmed down because of her..."

"How can it be?!"

"I don't know, but other people say that Xia Wuyin will refine ten thousand soul pills that use evil spirits as materials to eliminate evil spirits, so I don't know if it is true or not..."

"But it's true... there hasn't been a wave of evil spirits since that time..."

Rumors spread.

But as if being led by someone, he was silently biased towards one side.

After he healed his injury, Chang Ren became insane. He was treated as a lunatic, and finally sanctioned by [rank]. The marriage contract between the Chang family and the Chu family was naturally cancelled. "Zhi Yao" and Chang Jia, which was at its peak, began to go downhill under the scolding of thousands of people.

Chu Yao returned to the Chu family to recuperate. There was no news for a long time. Chu Yi officially took over the chaotic stall of the Chu family. With the help of Baiguiku, the family slowly recovered.

Ye Ze returned to Lingxi Peak to practice, and Mrs. Ye was temporarily settled under Lingxi Peak Mountain.

[Rank] Xia Ge's wanted warrant has been removed, and under the disclosure of several demon cult leaders who were caught, the truth about Evil Mountain has been found out, and the suspicion of Xia Ge's release of evil spirits has been cleared.

The fact that Xia Ge is a puppet master is also confusing in the eyes of everyone. Some people say that she is. After all, no matter how innocent she is, she is also a little priest of the demon sect. The exact same "puppet master" was used by the Demon Cult to confuse everyone. Even though Xia Ge has the Bahuang Flute, no one has actually seen Xia Ge manipulate a puppet.

For a while, there is no way to know the true and false, and Gu Peijiu and Xia Ge, who are the center of all rumors, seem to have disappeared since the battle of the Chang family. They have never heard of the two people again.

It seems like it will never appear again.

Maybe, it will not appear again.

Who knows.

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